Nick Griffin goes to war

Matthew Collins - 09 09 14
Griffin: Cash cow has gone mad

Griffin: Cash cow has gone mad

I read something yesterday written by some people who believe that Nick Griffin is still pulling the strings in the British National Party (BNP). I guess some people have to persist.

Our insiders in the party have been telling us that he most definitely is not. Now, Griffin has finally let rip with a document for his supporters that details a whole host of wild claims about the leadership of Adam Walker, the betrayal by Clive Jefferson, and a whole host of other things that went on under Griffin’s leadership, supposedly unbeknown to Griffin.

Since taking over from Griffin, Walker has been going out of his way to rubbish the memory of the final few years of Griffin’s leadership. Pretty banal stuff and nothing that we were not aware of, to be honest. Most of it Walker got from reading this page.

Let’s be clear about this, as we always have on this page, anyone who was anyone has had their fingers in the tills at the BNP. There were plenty of tills, too. Nick Griffin however, despite us constantly dropping hints on these blog pages, appears to want to pretend to be shocked that Adam Walker has had his own little slush fund. And the response from Griffin, is very instructive!

A series of documents and letters that Griffin has been compiling have been released, and very interesting reading they are. And bitter.

Whinge: Griffin is on the attack

Whinge: Griffin is on the attack

Griffin’s daughter and her rather challenged husband have had their party credit cards stopped apparently. Yes, the Griffin family really did bank with the BNP. Griffin complains in a letter to Walker that “Having for years allowed their credit cards to be used for party business, Jen and Angus are now forced to worry about over £3,000 of party debt outstanding on their cards that Treasury refuses to discuss with them, let alone repay.”

Diddums. People may recall that Griffin sacked his office staff in Belfast on the eve of Christmas 2010 and not one of them has been paid.

The documents Griffin has produced are long and extremely damaging. The pot has definitely called the kettle black. We’re going to give them a good read and report on them further, a little later. Griffin claims there is some ten million pounds on its way to party coffers.

Griffin: Another case of

Griffin: Another case of “Attempted Murder”?


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