The BNP’s £10m fallout

Matthew Collins - 10 09 14
John Tyndall (left): formed the BNP in his own image

John Tyndall (left): formed the BNP in his own image

There’s not much fun in being the former leader of the British National Party (BNP). All of your old friends turn against you. If he wasn’t dead, I’d say “ask John Tyndall” about it. Tyndall founded the BNP in 1982 and led/owned it until Nick Griffin unceremoniously ridiculed him out of a job in 1999.

Tyndall founded the party after quitting the National Front in 1980. The NF said he was a Nazi. He said it was being overrun with militant homosexuals.

Tyndall was a notoriously workshy bludger who lived a life of luxury perilously close to Brighton (also overrun with militant homosexuals, apparently), living off bequests made to the movement by old Nazis and a generous father in law who shared a name with a famous Jazz musician.

Like Tyndall, Griffin did very well out of the BNP. Not that Griffin did not come from a wealthy background of his own, but once he’d spent all of his inherited wealth and travelled the world like some kind of Alf Garnett cum Citizen Smith, he did find himself for a while eating road-kill and lodging with his Mother in law. Seizing control of the BNP from Tyndall, quite naturally, Griffin built an extension to his farmhouse with BNP monies.

Like Tyndall was, Griffin himself has now been dumped by the party (although the members got to vote Tyndall out). Griffin’s legacy to the far-right in this country was proving that Nazis could get elected if they would just hide their jackboots and pretend they were not mad jackboot wearing, workshy cranks. I won’t however, bother linking to all of the numerous articles on this site and others about how Griffin also proved that workshy, Nazi bludgers are notoriously untrustworthy around other people’s money.

Bankrupted and then dumped by both the electorate and his own party in the space of just a few months, 2014 has been a dire year for Griffin. As the party had slammed headfirst into one disaster after another they finally tired of Griffin and his family’s hold on it. They made Griffin President in July of this year in a vain hope that he would sit quietly in the background while a new generation of incompetents tried to bleed the remaining monies available to them.

However, Griffin has decided to not go quietly and has from almost the day he was dumped run a campaign against acting Chairman Adam Walker, who was once Griffin’s bestest ever friend. If there is one question that comes immediately to mind from reading Griffin’s attack on Walker, it is: “Is there no-one from the Griffin family who did not make a few bob out of Nick being the Chairman of the BNP?”

It seems there is some confusion over what the role of President actually means in the BNP. Griffin quite obviously sees the role as one where he still runs the party, whilst Walker, fond of footballing analogies, sees it as a ceremonial role that involves not much more than free tea and biscuits. Of course, the fact that Griffin recently charged visitors to his home £1 each for a cup of tea is not lost on anyone.

Desperate: Griffin's

Desperate: Griffin’s

Now Griffin has released a set of documents that tear into those who remain in the party and who no longer bow to his every command. He lays into the office staff for their incompetence, their laziness, their duplicity and outright stupidity. He dishes the dirt in particular, on his former partner in crime Clive Jefferson who stabbed Griffin in the back and is apparently in sole charge of an apparent £10m the party expects to receive in bequests.

It’s amusing reading. It is of course disingenuous; these systems of incompetence, lack of transparency and the dishonest feathering of personal nests’ are exactly what the party inherited from Griffin’s own reign.

The EU is holding thousands of pounds owed to BNP members who were employed in the European Parliament while an investigation is made into the BNP’s activities. So far the European Parliament has demanded over £21,000 be returned. They will no doubt be demanding more very soon.

Griffin’s pleading (as usual) poverty as he has not been paid out. His daughter and her daft husband have also had their party credit cards stopped. Why did they have party credit cards in the first place? Griffin loyalist Alwyn Deacon, like internal treasurer James Mole, are also facing the sack. A whole swathe of Griffinites’ face losing their jobs, their credit cards and potentially their homes, as Walker undoes all of Griffin’s gold bestowed upon them. Except, it was never really Griffin’s gold to give them.

Pro-Zionists, militant homosexuals, Hitlerites, liberals etc, etc are out to destroy the party according to Griffin. They are all of course, people that Griffin personally employed and only now, after just two months, can he see what they are really like.

Most of what Griffin and Walker are discovering about each other and the BNP has been going up on this blog for years. Just like John Tyndall did, Griffin is about to find that when the party bites back, it does so with little regard for anybody’s past contributions to it.

No doubt Tyndall would be saying “let it continue.”

Layzell: Not a militant one

Layzell: Not a militant one


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