Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 12 09 14
Prodromou: Complete failure

Prodromou: Complete failure

A lot to get through this week. Since Nick Griffin’s sulking exploded into a full-on attack on the leadership of the British National Party (BNP), new leader Adam Walker has responded by sacking/removing some half a dozen Griffin loyalists from post.

Now we hear that Walker exceeded himself late last week by sacking Martin Vaughn, the fundholder for the North East region, and replacing him with himself! You may recall the number of times I mentioned on here how annoyed Walker was being turned down on numerous occasions when the region refused to pay him for doing the job he was already paid to do. Now he is the “fundholder” he should have no more problems with accessing Sky Sports and Movies on Demand from home anymore.

Sacked: Martin Vaughn's letter

Sacked: Martin Vaughn’s letter

The big push now for a stormy Emergency General Meeting in the BNP is being led by Mick Braun from Essex, a hardened Griffin loyalist and violent moron.

Whether or not the BNP’s internal troubles will boil over tomorrow when they hit Rotherham remains to be seen. The planned coach from London appears to have stalled as nobody wants to sit next to each other. What fun. Donna Treanor has also jumped into the Nick Griffin camp after Steve Squire, the party pornographer, gave her the elbow and went back to his wife.

The National Front (NF) has been having internal problems for a year now. Both factions of the party have applied to the Metropolitan Police to stage the annual NF parade to the cenotaph in memory of Nazi war criminals this year. If that’s not enough trouble for them another row is now brewing over whether the party needs a women’s section or not. The wife of police grass and drug dealer Kevin Watmough thinks not.

Women: A good nazi knows her place

Women: A good nazi knows her place

My, she has changed. When her and Kevin ran the tiny British People’s Party, she had her own website as leader of the “Women’s Section” from where, like her husband, she campaigned for the release of Nazi paedophile Martyn Gilleard. These days Kate Watmough advocates women stay at home and cook up their partner’s fix other wise they turn into bra-burning feminists. My only advice further, to dear Mrs Watmough, is to fix it-don’t take it too.

Mrs Watmough: Prone to a fix of Nazi loving

Mrs Watmough: Prone to a fix of Nazi loving

The NF are somewhat furious that they were kept out of Rotherham a fortnight ago. Tomorrow they claim they will be in the town in force. Their main gripe appears to be with the English Defence League (EDL) and not so much grooming gangs. Jock Shearer, formerly of the BNP and Combat 18 appears to be set on settling some scores with the EDL. He’s been egging himself on all week for an attack on the EDL after they moved the time of main demonstration. As most people going to Rotherham will be pissed by midday, we’re running a sweep on what time the first Nazi gets arrested. I’m pleased to say I drew 10.59am.

Traveling up from London is Paul Prodromou from the vanishing South East Alliance. “Stavros” as he is known to both friend and foe, has found himself a niche of late as being something of a professional arrestee. To appear more “British” Prodromou uses the name “Pitt” for his political purposes. He’s been all over Facebook this week trying to drum up dome friends for the big day, and absolutely murdering the English language in the process. It seems the only friend he could find is Chris Livingstone of the BNP.

Prodromou: Murders the written word

Prodromou: Murders the written word


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