Racists cannot win in Rotherham

Matthew Collins - 14 09 14
Moronic: The NF yesterday

Moronic: The NF yesterday

Around a thousand far-right thugs descended on Rotherham yesterday. They came from all over the country to wave flags, throw stones at the police, attack a Mosque, and fight amongst themselves.

The English Defence League (EDL) has been there for nearly a month, camped outside the police station drinking heavily, urinating against walls, smoking joints in their tents and generally reminding local people why they dumped two far-right councillors that they did once have in the town.

The BNP has popped in and out of town too. The self-appointed undertaker for dead Nazis, Clive Jefferson, has been waxing on and on that if the BNP had been on the council, “just one councillor” then there would have been no grooming scandal. He really is as ignorant and stupid as he is potentially corrupt. His real name is Clive Aitken by the way. Google alone gives you an idea about what sort of man he is.

Walker yesterday: Too shy?

Walker yesterday: Too shy?

By the time the pubs opened in Rotherham yesterday, there were already hundreds of drunken far-right activists milling around looking for trouble. They found it, the National Front joined up with the North West Infidels and the South East Alliance to launch a series of attacks on the EDL after being thrown off the march.

Serial idiot Paul Prodromou who suffers from dialectical diarrhoea, travelled up from London to hang around like a bad smell, surrounding himself with a few renegade BNP activists, egging people on after the EDL march to attack stragglers.

Prodromou yesterday: Looking for trouble (again)

The BNP stayed a mile away at a small shopping centre where they almost outnumbered shoppers. Their new leader, Adam Walker, himself not trusted with school children, skulked around his car, rarely bothering to engage with the public or even his members.

Was this really all for the children, the 1400 young women raped and assaulted by grooming gangs whilst the authorities turned a blind eye? Did the fighting, drinking and aggression of the day do absolutely anything to highlight the outrage of what has happened in the town?

Of course it did not. Rotherham does not need these “heroes” parachuting in to cause trouble any more than it needs Shaun Wright hanging on for dear life.

We must support the good people of Rotherham, we must support those in communities threatened and targeted by racists and we must support them in driving out those who have caused this almost incomprehensible misery.

The people of Rotherham have seen what the racists have to offer and it is a road of sheer darkness and hatred.


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