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Matthew Collins - 17 09 14
Edmonds: A Nazi with no mates

Edmonds: A Nazi with no mates

Supporters of Adam Walker’s leadership of the British National Party (BNP) held a meeting in Croydon last Thursday, addressed by none other than the notorious Jew-hating and Holocaust denying Richard Edmonds.

A founding member of the BNP, Edmonds has been one of the most notorious Anti-Semite’s on the British far-right for nearly forty years, something which he is obviously incredibly proud of.

Edmonds was suspended from the party by Griffin not long after he took over in 1999, and the two have fought numerous wars of words ever since. For a short time, after the death of his mentor and party founder John Tyndall, Edmonds was allowed back into the party and sat on its Advisory Council.

In 2010 Edmonds announced he was going to stand against Griffin for the leadership of the party but decided instead, to re-join the National Front (NF), where he cut his political teeth back in the 70’s.

For the last few years Edmonds has been travelling the country speaking until he is hoarse about his hatred of Jews, blacks, Asians, Muslims and Nick Griffin. Edmonds was jailed in 1993 for being part of a gang that attacked a mix raced couple with a broken glass.

The Croydon branches of both the BNP and NF have always been influential. It was through Croydon BNP that Griffin made his comeback into the far-right in the early 1990’s. Always large branches of whichever party they support, the Croydon fascist scene is always the first to splinter and factionalise when their party is in trouble.

Joining Edmonds was the party’s London Organiser Steve Squire, a notorious pornographer who has helped split the party down the middle in London by his support for Walker. Squire gave a talk on the issue of “party unity and the position of party chairman and how Adam Walker became the new acting BNP chairman.” At no time, interestingly, has Squire mentioned the rather seedy reasons for his belated fall-out with Griffin.

Edmonds appears to have fallen out with the National Front, which is unsurprising, given that the faction he chose to support all live 200 miles away and spend most of their time fighting with each other in pubs.

According to the BNP, “Edmonds gave a rousing speech on the dangers of Islam, and how it’s taking over our country and the rest of Europe.” No doubt he also littered his speech with references to “chosen people”, because there is very little else he has ever been able to talk about…


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