Manchester set for BNP showdown

Matthew Collins - 29 09 14
Adam Walker: Doing a fine job

Adam Walker: Doing a fine job

The far-right had a weekend to forget. Nick Griffin found himself looking quite lonesome with four supporters during the far-right’s disastrous Dover protests on Saturday. Even the National Front (NF) wanted nothing to do with their former leader.

If British National Party (BNP) members wish to know how their current internal strife is likely to end however, they should ask their dislodged brethren in the NF how Griffin and Patrick Harrington smashed their party into little pieces during the 1980’s so that nobody else [they thought] could get their hands on it. Harrington by all accounts is still set up as the benefactor of any funds that may be bequeathed to the National Front. The current incumbents of the name would have little knowledge as to how to tie their shoelaces, let alone wrangle a will out of a dying man.

This time however, it appears that Griffin and Harrington are on opposing sides. That is good news for Adam Walker, who currently leads what is left of the BNP, and on the face of it, bad news for Griffin. Harrington knows every little trick that Griffin likes to use in a dirty fight. And believe me, this is getting very, very dirty.

People in the Walker camp are beginning to feel the pressure, but it is wrong to assume that Walker does not have support within the party. Veteran activist Paul Borg appears to have turned against a number of his colleagues and backed Walker as has the Yorkshire region. In his native north east, support for Walker appears to be split down the middle. As that consists of less than sixty members, we are beginning to get the picture that there just is not a lot left worth fighting about, other than the ten million pounds the BNP hopes to inherit.

In London at the weekend, expelled BNP activist Kevin Layzell actually led the BNP’s tiny protest outside of the Home Office.

Layzell: Lonely worm

Layzell: Lonely worm

Tomorrow night, Adam Walker is expected to be speaking at the BNP’s meeting in Manchester. The clamour to go and confront the leader is growing. A number of activists from Salford in particular, are keen to confront Walker over the large number of expulsions and suspensions that have hit their branch. Good luck with that, folks. His brain may not be very sharp, but he does know his Kung Fu. he has also drafted in a number of big hitters from Yorkshire-including the pervert George Crapper who normally likes to spend his evenings posting pictures of his private parts on a dating websites and attending swinging parties on his lonesome.

George Crapper: Walker's stud for hire

George Crapper: Walker’s stud for hire


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