Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 03 10 14
The BNP brainstrust in conversation

The BNP brainstrust in conversation

Well, this was the week when the British National Party (BNP) decided to commit Hara-Kiri and expel their former leader Nick Griffin.

Don’t get me wrong-I’m all in favour of nazis destroying themselves, and yes, Hara-Kiri is a reference to the current Chairman practising Japanese martial arts. It’s all just such a gift.

Contrary to people who tell try to tell us that the far-right is on the rise (they saw it on the internet don’t you know), history does dictate that the final death knell for a gang of fascists must always be struck by one of their own. And the BNP in particular has been going at each other with hatchets since 2009.

And so between them this week, Clive Jefferson (real name Aitken, soon to be exposed as a convicted fraudster by Nick Griffin’s team) and Adam Walker (disgraced former school teacher with a penchant for chasing after young boys while armed with a knife) held a little meeting on Wednesday night and decided to expel Griffin. That the long winded statement that followed contained at least three long words is evidence enough that someone else actually worded it for them.

That same person has also scripted a video for Jefferson and Walker to be sent out to the members explaining why they have sacked Griffin. It should be painfully pleasurable watching the two idiots when it is finally released.

They do love that backdrop, don't they?

They do love that backdrop, don’t they?

Griffin has refused to accept the decision. Unfortunately for him, the party’s constitution has been altered (again) to make his expulsion perfectly constitutional. It’s also taken out the paragraph that Griffin had put in saying the party is liable for his legal billls.

Griffin is now telling his supporters that when he is back in charge of the BNP it will be a slimline, hardline, revolutionary, militant, dynamic nationalist street movement. But let’s be honest, this factional fight is over who gets their hands on the filthy lucre the party is expecting to fall into their laps once the Grim Reaper has visited enough of those poor pensioners who had pens thrust into their hands and were forced to sign wills leaving the party their worldly goods. As we did warn a while ago, the BNP does prefer its members to be dead. And when they do die, they piss the poor sod’s money up spectacularly.

The rumour from some quarters is that Griffin will form a new party. His supporters also seem to want him to do the same. The fools. That is very unlikely. If anything, Griffin will try and form a parallel party using the name ‘The Real BNP’ or ‘Constitutional BNP’ something that he learned from his days in the National Front (NF) and hope it chokes the current incarnation into submission.

Similarly, if he loses this factional fight (like he did in the NF), he’ll also try and destroy the BNP so that nobody can have it-like he also did in the NF. In the dying days of his control of the NF, Griffin raised the weekly donation to the party by the largely unemployed “Cadre” to five pounds per week. He then pissed off to live in a church in France, got pissed and lost his eye in an incident with a shot gun pellet. So if history teaches us anything, there’s loads more fun to come.

Griffin will begin building for the future at a meeting in St Helens next Wednesday. When he last addressed a meeting there, in March, his bodyguard was arrested. Griffin is so desperate to build on his already obvious majority of the support among members and supporters that he is even willing to now hang around with the National Front. Last night he turned up at a protest outside of a Premier Inn hotel in Bolton in what he and his followers were trying to convince people was actually an “Asylum hostel”. It mattered not that the Asylum seekers had left there already.

Tomorrow there are protests by the far-right in Rotherham and Newcastle. It’ll be interesting to see how many of those who have apparently “invaded the internet” manage to get out from behind their computer screens and actually do something.


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