BNP losing the will to live

Matthew Collins - 06 10 14
Seriously, artwork by Griffin supporters!

Seriously, artwork by Griffin supporters!

The new leadership of the British National Party (BNP) have hit back at their former leader Nick Griffin and his mounting number of rebel supporters over their allegations of financial mismanagement.

To put it into context, Nick Griffin seemed very happy with the way things were going in the party and their secret financial affairs until the party booted him out. More over, Griffin is panicking because he had hoped the BNP would continue to foot the bill for a number of wild court cases he engaged in while Chairman of the party. He also hoped he could dump a large amount of his personal debts on the party too.

Griffin has made all sorts of claims against Clive Jefferson, the party’s “treasurer” and Adam Walker, the party’s Chairman.

We’ve lost count of how many people have been sacked or expelled by Jefferson and Walker but the figure is believed to be around twenty members. To be fair to Jefferson and Walker, other than themselves, most of those gone are the sort that had a habit of bringing shame on the party anyway.

Fascists always fall out over money. Given that so few of them have ever done a proper day’s work in their lives it still amazes me that anyone would trust them with their hard earned cash.

And so, we now have the second part of Jefferson and Walker making a film talking about what good people they are and hitting back at the claims Griffin has made. If the first one was not bad enough the second video instalment is worse. Hilariously so.

Over forty seven minutes Clive Jefferson talks about his important work in getting people to sign their worldly good over to the party before they die. It’s important work Clive acknowledges, and sometimes he goes with a “friend” (for legal reasons I cannot say any more about that) and sometimes they even “stay over” to complete the work. Nice.

If Jefferson has not already bored the person to death, they then sign on a piece of paper that Jefferson takes back to the BNP’s office in Cumbria to be scrutinised. One assumes this is scrutinised by Patrick Harrington, with whom Griffin, Clive etc, used to enjoy so many perks of the job.

Wills: Jefferson sniffs out the dying

Wills: Jefferson sniffs out the dying

If you do not watch/cannot be bothered finishing with watching forty seven minutes of Clive Jefferson waffling on, I can confirm he sniffs 137 times during the video. At some point, you kind of start wishing that Walker would give him a bloody Kleenex to blow his nose, or at least remind him that the Griffin faction are already alleging that cocaine use is rife in the BNP’s offices. But no, Jefferson sniffs away, turning swivel eyes into the camera.

At one stage, Walker causes confusion in poor old Clive Jefferson’s head by asking when the problems with wills began. Jefferson gets very confused and concerned. Did he mean wheels? The wheels are coming right off now he begins to think in the back of his head, before realising his boss meant the actual “wills” that people have been made to write to the party. Clive fiddles with his belt, for a moment I thought he was going to make a more interesting video than the one we are forced to suffer, but no.

“The only time that a problem was invented [sniff]..(was) a couple of weeks after your Chairmanship [sniff] and this dodgy dossier was threw on the table. [sniff].”

Jefferson later claims he has been communicating with a barrister. Unfortunately, Walker has to clarify that as Clive wants to have a long winded chat about it first.

“A spade’s a spade, Adam, more lies…” Jefferson tells the Chairman. “Nobody’s happy about Nick [Griffin] going bankrupt, right..” Yes, there’s a lie. Walker and Jefferson have actually loved every minute of it. News that Griffin is selling his farm house in Wales was actually sent out by Jefferson to their side in the split on Friday night. Jefferson, Walker and Harrington are positively delighted that Griffin is going bankrupt. As far as they’re concerned, the sooner Griffin is back to eating road kill, the better!

Expect a rather sordid dossier in response to Griffin’s attack to be released any day now. The only thing holding it up is that it is being prepared by Chris Barnett and may embarrass the current London Organiser.

They way things are going, Barnett may as well pop around here and let us fill in all the juicy bits for him

It’s going to run and run.


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