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Matthew Collins - 14 11 14
Still plugging Griffin's new party

Still plugging Griffin’s new party

Some people may have missed it, but there really was two National Front marches to the Cenotaph in London last Sunday.

Neither side in the split in the party is particularly nicer than the other, and although the rebel faction had by far the bigger march (148 on their march versus the 46 on the ‘Official’ NF’s march ten minutes later,) the smaller southern faction that controls the party, insist they will persist and have even offered to endorse people who want to stand for the party as candidates as long as they are “respectful” to their leader Ian Edward.

On the point of being respectful, the Official NF accuse the other faction of the NF (based primarily in the north of the country) as being “prolific drunks.” Do we really have to have these vermin trampling over the memory of the British and Commonwealth soldiers who fought Nazism, every year? Someone told me that those brave men and women died just so the likes of the swastika tattooed morons of the NF could do just that-march to the Cenotaph. I beg to differ, those brave men and women died so that Britain was not overrun with Hitler worshiping thugs.

The split in the British National Party (BNP) has turned out like one of London Organiser Steve Squire’s films. Really exciting for the first five minutes, and then, really boring and one cannot wait until it ends. Neither side has done itself any favours in the past week, but I shall most certainly doth my cap to the Kings of Calamity, Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson, who are charged with destroying what is left of the party.

The pair of idiots actually missed Remembrance Day by a full twenty four hours. They also managed to send the party membership bulletin out late after they plugged in the franking machine they removed from Alwyn Deacon’s possession only to discover it would not work at the party’s offices in Wigton. Undeterred, Clive Jefferson then drove from Wigton in Cumbria to Deacon’s old office in Nuneaton and tried to make it work there. Silly Clive then remembered how he had unceremoniously cut off the phones there to teach treacherous Deacon a lesson. When the membership bulletin did finally arrive, it appears to have been sent out from Edinburgh in Scotland, the home/dungeon of non-party member Patrick Harrington. If our bulletin arrived stamped with the number 225 it gives you a fair idea how few members there really are left in the BNP and how fewer there will be come the new year.

Still, there is some light for Walker, Jefferson and Harrington. There has been much excitement that another one of their elderly supporters has taken very ill and she is worth (said Clive licking his lips) “over six hundred grand.”

Nick Griffin’s launch of his new scam/venture has had a few hiccups along the way. They have decided to avoid clashing with the rest of the BNP in Blackpool later this month and will return to St Helens instead.

Whitby: A good but expensive egg

Whitby: A good but expensive egg

Griffin will be addressing a meeting of his supporters in South Shields this Sunday. As usual they have gone for the Chichester Arms pub as a meeting venue. From there it will be off to London for another meeting on the 21st if Griffin can keep Mike Whitby’s fingers out of the collection bucket, that is.

Whitby appears to have taken the role of Griffin’s deputy in this new venture. Whitby is currently in the process of trying to register the new party but, according to Whitby, “we are a lot more than that.” Yes, criminal conspiracy springs to mind. Whitby is very keen on getting people to hand over cash to this new venture. He also does not want people calling the any meetings the group has “meetings.” Getting excited, Whitby says “we’ve received the excellent suggestion of using the word ‘event’ instead of ‘meeting’, as it sounds much more interesting and may encourage more younger people to get involved. The North West group will definitely be using this word from now on.”

Yes, the excitement is infectious.. Whitby has also kindly sent me an application form and discussion document and a request I donate up to £1000 to his Griffin’s new group. Given that Whitby owes the BNP over £500 in monies he borrowed, I shall decline to fund either body.

Griffin: Needs a paying job

Griffin: Needs a paying job


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