War heroes? The fascists do not give a toss

Matthew Collins - 17 11 14
Britain First: Money first, no less.

Britain First: Money first, no less.

Well, that was a busy weekend for British fascists. Nick Griffin gave a rather boring speech to his supporters in the North East about his new movement, British Voice. Most at the meeting had already read about it on Friday.

There was some desperation in Griffin’s meeting too. It seems even those Griffin had previously expelled from the British National Party (BNP) were allowed along, even if it did upset Muriel Malley. Muriel uses the name “Mary Claire” on Facebook these days after being exposed for being a nasty little racist when she worked at the post office. It seems she has taken exception to the presence at Griffin’s meeting of a few others she has harboured a grudge against for a while. It’s nice to know that Griffin’s latest venture will start off with a nasty little row brewing. Let’s hope nothing got lifted from the pub this time…

Muriel is not happy

Muriel is not happy

Sadly not at the meeting was Griffin’s number one cheerleader, Mick Braun from Essex. Braun is a right “card”. He normally writes about things like throwing acid in the face of women, and other wholesome, patriotic activities he likes to engage in. Of late he has been writing all kinds of nasty things about his former colleagues in the BNP-most of it homophobic and libellous, some of it also true, but cannot be reproduced here, sadly.

Like most British fascists who have never lifted an actual finger in defence of this country, Braun has an obsession about the British military, covers himself in poppies once a year and pretends he gives a toss about those brave men and women who have served this country. That is of course, unless he does not like their politics. Take Former infantryman George Gill, 69, who lost his medals and had his beret and poppy stripped off when he was attacked by thugs in Lund Park, Keighley, while on his way to a Remembrance Sunday service. Like most fascists, Braun was up in arms at the outrage and immediately, like all fascists, offered to rally around for the former soldier-from the comfort of his armchair in Essex you understand.

Being a good man, Mr Gill did not want help from the sort of people who worship Nazis. He even told his local paper so. Good for Mr Gill. It appears that has outraged Braun, the do-nothing lard arse who posts pro-Hitler crap on his Facebook page and writes adoring of another lazy incompetent fool, in the shape of Nick Griffin. Below is what people like Braun and Griffin obviously really think of decent people like Mr Gill.

Braun. Gobby coward

Braun. Gobby coward

In Rochester, Kent, 500,000 Britain First “supporters” failed to turn up as the group tried a march of their 49 activists through the town. Sadly for Britain First, locals blocked their way and their march did not happen. Cue then, some extraoridinary scenes where Paul Golding (the group’s leader) and Jayda Fransen (their candidate) had public meltdowns. Golding found himself ranting about the spirit of the D-Day landings and Fransen rabbiting on about “all of the men and women who shed blood for this country, for democracy…”

Oh yes, those brave men and women who fought fascism. Let’s just have a look Britain First’s true opinion of brave men and women who fought for this country. They are little more than a cash cow for fascists. Britain First, the National Front etc, etc. The whole lot of them do not give a toss.


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