Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 21 11 14
British Voice: May need to scream to be heard

British Voice: May need to scream to be heard

Nick Griffin held his “way forward” meeting in London last night. It seems just about every dreg in the far-right attended. In the pic with Griffin and tatty banner, is Paul “Stavros” Prodromou, the failed leader of the near defunct South East Alliance (SEA).

Another attendee was Gil Gould, formerly of the English Defence League, UKIP and also a long time and idiotic admirer of Nazi tank drivers.

Yes, Griffin really does have the recipe for success here…

Talking of success, the 56 votes Britain First got in last night’s Rochester and Strood by-election (0.14%) of the vote is not the lowest ever far-right vote in a parliamentary election. That is a great result no doubt for Paul Golding, their fearless leader.

In a (pointless) interview on the eve of election, Golding told one reporter that he and his party are “inspired by Jesus Christ”. How bizarre, as far as I’m aware, Jesus does not appear on any pound coin, by far Golding’s most favoured prophet.

Pushed to expand on his Christianity, Golding told the IB Times “This is a Christian country, whether it’s our legal system, our system of government, all our historical figures, Churchill, Nelson, Cromwell, Elizabeth… all of them are Christian. This country is built on Christianity, and we do take it very seriously.

“People think of Jesus as some tree-hugging, sandal-wearing liberal, which is not the case.

“[In the bible] Jesus Christ uses physical violence at times, like in the temple in Jerusalem, when he physically attacked people who were trading in the temple grounds, and it says in the Bible he came to bring a sword, not to bring peace.”

I wonder what Jesus would think of Britain First’s attitude to “trading”.

“A lot of people think we’re knuckle draggers” Golding conceded. I would say, given last night’s election results, about 99.5% of the electorate do.

On the point of Golding’s “Christianity” I would say calling him a knuckle dragger would be quite unfair. Even a “knuckle dragger” knows that Golding running around shouting at elderly Muslims to “embrace Jesus Christ” is pointless; they already do.


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