Nazi Conference Round up

Matthew Collins - 30 11 14

Not so much a conference, but a Nazi piss up and an assortment of oddballs, police grasses and employees of the Iranian government were outside of the Greek embassy yesterday to demand the release of the violent thugs of the Greek Nazi party Golden Dawn being held in Greece. A gang of Polish Nazis turned up the demo which immediately pleased serial grass Eddie Stanton who apparently fancies himself as a pimp as well as a wife beater these days (more on this later!!)

Golden Dawn: Spot the grasses

Golden Dawn: Spot the grasses

In Blackpool over the last two days no fewer than 58 people attended the British National Party (BNP) post-Griffin conference. That it, I believe, the smallest BNP conference in 32 years. By the end of Saturday afternoon, there were less than thirty people present.

BNP conference:

BNP conference:

The BNP were keen to put the story out that “200 members” attended. That’s an extravagant lie even by their high standards, particularly as we’re not even sure the party has two hundred members any more.

BNP: 'Smile you bastards, we'll be dead soon'

BNP: ‘Smile you bastards, we’ll be dead soon’

One story doing the rounds is that Clive Jefferson, the “Wigton Soviet’s” Kruschev, is currently sleeping in a caravan having been thrown out of the marital home he shares with his long suffering partner.

In St Helens, a similar number of former BNP members attended the launch of ‘British Voice’ a sort of do-it-yourself BNP replacement on Saturday. Having been robbed of their party symbol by the already departed Nick Griffin, the party has gone for a phoenix as its new symbol. Yes, the phoenix that rises from the ashes etc, etc. It must feel great to be able to act like proper Nazis again.

British Voice: A turkey, already

British Voice: A turkey, already

British Voice: Standing room only

British Voice: Standing room only


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