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Matthew Collins - 22 12 14
Roy Price: Parental advisory content

Roy Price: Parental advisory content

A documentary is due out in the New Year about one of the most spectacularly useless far-right groups in the history of the British far-right.

The South East Alliance (SEA), is led by Paul Prodromou, an angry racist who had to anglicise his name to fit in with his fellow racists. Even when Prodromou stands outside of the Greek embassy in solidarity with the Greek Nazis of Golden Dawn he still insists his name is “Pitt”.

A camera crew has followed Prodromou for the best part of twelve months, a period of intense grief tourism for Prodromou and his dwindling followers. They’ve laid flowers and pieces of rock at the scene of just about every tragedy remembered in memorial, whilst their own demonstrations have ended in abject failure, normally with Prodromou having tongue-tied temper tantrums leading to the police expressing concerns about his all-round health.

This year, Prodromou held a number of disastrous demonstrations in north London, the final one being the humiliation of he and eight of his number not being allowed to battle their way through locals in Cricklewood and Prodromou being sent to sit in the back of a police van after being told to “calm down” and Prodromou begging instead to be arrested, to save his face among his troops.

The decline of the SEA has been as spectacular as their other failures; who could forget Prodromou’s promise last year to bring ten thousand people out onto the streets in Woolwich for a two mile march, which finally ended with just a handful of people marching along the pavements to the local train station to get a train into town to get arrested?

Prodromou: Temper tantrum for hire

Prodromou: Temper tantrum for hire

Prodromou and his dwindling band of idiots were out in Southend over the weekend, where they were attempting to spoil a football match between two non-league teams. Prodromou’s normally gobby off-sider Al Francis set the tone for the day when he decided he could not make his way to Southend because his Sat Nav had broken. Yes, the sixty year old Essex builder could not find his way to Essex’s premier seaside resort.

At half time during the match, Prodromou and other serial idiot Roy Price Jones decided to begin a “demonstration” of their idiocy and racism, but were met with such strong resistance from football fans, that Prodromou ended up in the local A&E receiving treatment.

The documentary is due to be shown in mid-January. This could almost make Paul Golding look competent.

Al Francis: Sat Nav surrendered..

Al Francis: Sat Nav surrendered..


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