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Matthew Collins - 05 01 15
Speight: Patriotic curtains

Speight: Patriotic curtains

One of my last blogs of 2014 was about how the English Defence League (EDL) is still having its ongoing civil war.

One of the things that causes most antagonism in a group dedicated to drunken violence is the eternal question as to who owns all of the beer tokens the group collects.

Some people inside the organisation actually gave up asking such difficult questions after the Preston rally in 2010, when an alleged £3000 raised for a forces charity vanished into thin air/the back of someone’s car, and was never seen or heard of again.

Last year, we did an article about who owned the EDL and it led to some rather uncomfortable questions being asked inside the group about missing monies and the ownership of merchandising rights. As ever, we were pleased to assist…

For a group that does not appear overly blessed with those who engage in hard work or the paying of taxes, people have often wondered how do so many EDL high flyers manage such louche lifestyles while claiming benefits? After all, they always seem to be awash with drugs and alcohol while pleading poverty. My, some of them positively give the dreaded Asylum seekers of Daily Mail infamy a bad name.

Gail Speight, the Leeds based shareholder of the EDL has been accused of pocketing, but we prefer the more legal term “misappropriating” monies collected at the EDL’s demonstration in Luton back in November 2014. It does appear that the monies did actually find their way to the rightful place, but it has opened an can of the proverbial worms inside the group over a number of issues, mainly appearing to be that no one else in the EDL actually likes the Yorkshire region or Speight’s habit of getting drunk and aggressive as well as falling down drunk.

Stirring the trouble is none other than then infamous poisonous Dwarf of “Infidel” fame, Shane “Diddyboy” Calvert who was released from gaol just before Christmas.

Diddy's sock puppet lists the issues

Diddy’s sock puppet lists the issues

Calvert makes a living from dealing drugs so it has always been pointless asking him where his money goes-it goes up people’s noses, but it seems he has decided to make splitting the EDL in Yorkshire his main priority. Who knows why?

To be honest, I’d never trust anyone who takes their curtains to a demonstration, but some of accusations against Speight are woefully poor. Other regions of the group have complained about the chanting of “Yorkshire” on EDL demonstrations, but not the racist and abusive nonsense also. Strange?

Jamie Ray Upton: Curtains

Jamie Ray Upton: Curtains

The EDL bit back last week by turning on Jamie Ray Upton from Nottinghamshire. No doubt the attack comes from those, like Speight, who own shares in the EDL. Upton has been accused of “ripping off” the organisation by pocketing (not misappropriating) funds from the sales of EDL merchandise he has had made, as well as profiteering on travel to and from demonstrations.

Upton has been told to produce his bank account details to the group for “scrutiny” by a committee of shareholders. Upton is also accused of taking EDL money donated to his “North Notts” division, and investing it in a new charitable front called “stand together”.


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