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Matthew Collins - 16 01 15
Griffin: No lie too big or too brazen

Griffin: No lie too big or too brazen

Well, a week has passed since the terrible events in France and Nick Griffin has still not apologised for another one of his outrageous lies.

Griffin excitedly lied to his small army of followers that there was going to be a beheading whilst the whole terrible affair was initially unfolding. I guess that’s what does it for him, these days. That and curry, obviously..

The far-right enjoyed the Paris terror attacks. It had Muslims killing non-Muslims, killing a Muslim, and also targeting Jews. One thing the far-right did not have, was any sympathy for the victims- rather like a small section of the ultra-left. Getting either to condemn Antisemetic attacks is almost impossible. One MP even managed to totally airbrush Jews out of the Paris victims.

Julian Leppert: Nazi bigot

Julian Leppert: Nazi bigot

What the fascists saw in France was another supposed step closer to the race war we’re all going to have to fight, and of course, the opportunity to make money! I’m not a particular fan of the magazine targeted, I prefer my satire more along the lines of Private Eye, but between them, the far-right and the ultra-left, could not decide whether Charlie Hebdo is a fascist magazine or a Communist magazine.

For Britain First, money seems to be the most important thing at the moment-as always. Their Dartford “battalion” has quit the group over, allegedly, the leader and his Frau purchasing themselves a large house and a nice, large new car. The story is apparently not true, but the party is awash with as many rumours as it is bottles of vodka and diet pills. When will Paul Golding actually get around to sending out all the items of merchandise he has sold? Answers on a postcard to the Inland Revenue…

When death is not real enough

When death is not real enough

Britain First still have not expelled the sex offender in their ranks. This may be because he is not a Muslim. Their Wigan organiser is Steve Chriscole. He runs self defence classes in Wigan but probably not for Muslims. Now don’t call Steve a racist, even if he is part of a fascist gang, because he has an Asian wife. Steve just hates Muslims. One can’t even be killed in cold blood without Steve thinking there’s a conspiracy afoot. Perhaps Wigan council should stop harassing antifascists and actually check who is using their premises instead?

Wigan's Kung Fu Steve Chriscole, in cap, with BF buddies

Wigan’s Kung Fu Steve Chriscole, in cap, with BF buddies

The conspiracy theories about the Paris attacks were predictably good. But who would want to be Al Qaeda’s PR man? The bloke even admits his group planned and financed the terror attacks in France, but everybody on the loony fringes prefer to believe, instead, that the Jews actually did it. Mossad in fact. And also, for some, that the attack on the Kosher deli would somehow help the Palestinian people in their struggle with Israel. There is a concerted effort in France, to drive Jews forcibly from France- their home, but nobody seems to want to condemn it. Maybe it is politically unfashionable or worse still, would make them some kind of supporter of Israel for doing so. it seems some sections of the ultra left would hold Jews in France and Britain responsible for the actions of the state of Israel.

But it is not just in France that this is happening. Up in Manchester, there appears to be a concerted campaign against the Jewish commuinity as well.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Antisemitism is rife in the UK. Is it concerted or just silliness? Tim Willcox at the BBC is probably the man to ask about what lies behind it. He seems to be very gaff prone whenever he has to tackle the tricky subject of Jewish people.

British Voice, Nick Griffin’s castoffs, tried to take over a Pegida style rally in Manchester during the week. Mike Whitby, who now leads British Voice, made a speech laden with Antisemitism to a few hard core head bangers form the far-right who were there not to show solidarity with the people of France, but to complain about Jews and Muslims living in the UK. We’re not going to sleepwalk into this again, are we folks?


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