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Matthew Collins - 16 01 15
Walker & Prodromou: White and gorgeous

Walker & Prodromou: White and gorgeous

Two heart-warming events during the week. The British National Party (BNP) leader Adam Walker must have been feeling unloved, and to his aid, came a man with a big heart.

Yes, life is tough being responsible for helping to destroy the most successful fascist party in British history and also not being able to be interviewed about your big job because every interviewer only wants to ask about why you’re banned from teaching.

Plus, life is apparently dreadful up at the BNP’s bunker in Cumbria. So far, only 443 people have renewed their memberships and Clive Jefferson is now, by all accounts, living with the party’s office manager. There is all kinds of domestic strife and bickering going on, but at least Clive’s now shifted the caravan.

To the rescue of all of this misery then comes Steve Squire, the man with 850 hard core porn movies and sexual lubricants for sale on his office wall in Soho, London. For a man who likes to bang on and on about how great it is to be white, a hell of a lot of Squire’s stock has black males with large appendages doing to white women what the BNP find most unacceptable and would like to make illegal.

Steve Squire: With a big, black helmet

Steve Squire: With a big, black helmet

Squire has gone out of his way since helping remove Nick Griffin, to prove to the party that he is the “real deal”. As well as flogging porn movies to what is left of the party’s youth wing, he’s also expelled people from the party who bring the wrong kind of peanuts to party functions. But Squire’s biggest challenge has been to make Adam Walker feel good about himself.

And so last week Squire proved himself the king of good publicity for the BNP, and Adam Walker, when he rung the radio station he listens to, to tell the world how wonderful Adam Walker is.

“We’ve got a fantastic leader. He’s a northern Englishman…

“Good looking. He’s a very attractive man. He’s big,” he bragged when asked about the new leader of the BNP. When questioned as to whether that was relevant to Walker’s role, Squire added “Voters, especially the women, like attractive people to vote for.” It was almost as if he was reading the back cover of one of his hard core porn movies.

“That’s what we’re told. We’re like the other parties, we have our focus groups” persisted Squire. What women detest however, is men who harm children. Something the BNP’s “focus group” probably did not mention.

I’m no prude, but even I can’t repeat what most of the far-right had to say about Paul Prodromou and his tiny gang of friends who appeared on the C4 documentary “White, Angry & Proud” on Wednesday night. It was actually a very, very good documentary. One has had a few worries about C4 and BBC3 of late on the subject of the extreme right, but filmmaker Jamie Roberts did quite a good job.

How brilliant that 1.5 million people got to see the charming Paul Prodromou running around England shouting “You facking cant” at just about anyone or anything that moved (or didn’t move), and his drugged and drunk charges behaving like pillocks. There was not one redeeming thing about them and a timely reminder for the lardy among us all, that running from plod is a waste of time.

Even Paul Golding was embarrassed!

Even Paul Golding was embarrassed!

My only query with Jamie Roberts is his memory. Writing about his film in the Radio Times,Roberts recalls an English Defence League (EDL) rally in Bradford [in 2010].

“Several years ago I contacted the EDL through Facebook and booked a place on a coach to Bradford with them. At the time the burgeoning far-right street movement was making waves as a controversial and explosive pocket of society and I wanted to take some photos. I had one of the most memorable days of my life….

” The scenes I photographed reminded me of photos I’d seen from Northern Ireland: 3000 EDL bayed at police and anti-fascists, scores of military-style police..”

There were actually 800 EDL in Bradford that day, but as he says, he was excited.

But then this: “Back in London, the driver got lost and we ended up outside an East London mosque, just after Friday prayers. The EDL members were banging on the coach windows like rabid dogs as Muslims poured out of the mosque.”

Now, they are pretty committed to prayers at East London Mosque, but it’s unlikely they would just be leaving Friday prayers late on Saturday night. I think he’s been on more than one EDL coach..

Jack Renshaw: Not a fan of

Jack Renshaw: Not a fan of “wuffians”


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