Big trouble for Big Dave

Matthew Collins - 29 01 15
Dave Bolton: Nazi sex pest

Dave Bolton: Nazi sex pest

This morning I blogged about the troubles in the English Defence League (EDL), namely the allegations of financial and sexual impropriety levelled against two senior figures in the organisation.

We have been inundated since then with pictures and messages from people offering us more information.

It seems that the EDL has ordered its troops to either support Dave Bolton or leave. This has split the EDL in London as much as the Yorkshire region has been split over the Gail Speight allegations, but it is against Bolton the pressure is really mounting.

There has also been the usual threats towards us. We’re used to them.

You may recall how the EDL often tell you how progressive and family orientated they are. Bolton himself often rants about Muslims and what Bolton believes is their derogatory attitude towards women.

A number of EDL supporters are accusing Bolton of harassing, pestering and intimidating women inside the organisation with demands for sex.

Some of the documents, pictures and messages that have been passed to us by EDL activists, would seem to back up the claim, as well as paint a wider picture of the nefarious nature of the group.

We’ve now passed all of the information we have to a Sunday Newspaper as we really cannot print and reference half of the filth we have been sent.

Those of a nervous or delicate disposition should probably turn away now before looking/reading any further.

Little Dave: We've made it

Little Dave: We’ve made it


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