Upsetting Jeff Marsh

Matthew Collins - 29 01 15
Jeff Marsh: He eats what he wants

Jeff Marsh: He eats what he wants

Long time readers of our blog may recall the Welsh football hooligan Jeff Marsh of “Casuals United” infamy.

A football hooligan, Cardiff City “fan” Marsh went to prison a few years ago for stabbing two young Manchester United fans.

He then joined up with the EDL and like many others with “problems” he drifted away to do his own thing.

His own thing, mainly, has been issuing internet threats to people that they would fall victim to his violence-or the violence of his followers if they did not do what he wanted.

The reality of Marsh is that wherever he goes, people who follow him normally end up face down in a gutter after a local takes offence to their stupidity.

Only last week Marsh was bragging how he manages to avoid detection by “reds” while he is decorating a house in London, by being smarter than your average fascist.

Well, we all know how smart the average fascist actually is, don’t we? Marsh has a habit of issuing threats to people and not turning up. The main problem is, nobody told Paul Prodromou that when he went looking for a fight down in Southend, believing that Marsh would be there, too.

Marsh found it very amusing that Prodromou got taken to hospital as a result of believing that Marsh would actually be there to back him up.

Now Marsh is very, very upset that we have rumbled him again. Should we expect another death threat or perhaps some rather shitty doors getting painted badly?

Silly boy

Marsh's latest gang of beauticians

Marsh’s latest gang of beauticians


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