Far-right round up: Sleeping with the enemy

Matthew Collins - 06 02 15
Squire: Only likes to watch it, apparently

Squire: Only likes to watch it, apparently

The English Defence League (EDL) descends on Dudley in the West Midlands tomorrow for their first rally of the year. The group has had more than a bit of internal trouble of late with allegations of theft and sexual harassment meaning that tomorrow will be an interesting meet up for what remains of them.

The group’s (most- often absent) leader Steve Eddowes, has apparently given up on the group-sickened of being sent graphic images of his “members” endless misdemeanours’, and it is unlikely he will turn up tomorrow for any other reason than to belt a fair few of his detractors. And there are lots of them.

Having managed to survive attempts to remove her from post, Gail Speight from Leeds will be a centre of attention. She has fought back at those who alleged she stole funds from the organisation (even if she could not prove she did not), and has now launched a campaign against her former friend Hayley Ellis, partner of the drug dealing police grass John “Snowy” Shaw of animal and drug abuse infamy.

Ellis (right) with Speight in better times

Shaw and Ellis led the campaign to divide the EDL in Yorkshire, but they are not responsible for the series of disgusting photographs of EDL organisers that are doing the rounds. My only advice to both the worried and the outraged EDL personnel is that we have no interest in publishing pictures of your leadership naked or engaged in mind numbing activities with condiments, beer bottles, each other or even, flag poles. If you like that sort of thing, perhaps avoid being photographed doing such things by someone you were always going to fall out with eventually.

We might not be interested in pictures of naked and compromised EDL members, but that does not mean that the British National Party’s Steve Squire would not be. Since the BNP lost approximately 70% of its membership last year, Squire, the BNP’s London organiser, has become very important.

Squire’s expelled people for bringing peanuts to BNP meetings, suggested setting fire to Rotherham, and despite his desperate attempts to “save” the white race, has continued to stock his shop in Soho with DVD’s and magazines dedicated to mixed raced couples engaged in activities that would probably water-down the Aryan gene pool. And yet, despite pocketing thousands of pounds showing mixed raced couples in flagrante delicto the dirty old dog still vehemently campaigns against it-despite lots of DVD’s on display in his shop window positively encouraging white women to submit to “race mixing”.

Squire’s general stupidity gets overlooked by the BNP leadership because Squire has openly declared his amour for the leadership. He thinks the current leader is positively gorgeous, apparently .

Squire also once felt that the BNP’s previous leader Nick Griffin was gorgeous too. Right up until the unfortunate incident involving Griffin and Squire’s partner at the time in the car park of a curry house. Some inside the BNP felt that unfortunate incident had been set-up by Squire. Either way, Squire ended up being put on his backside in an argument over the same woman outside of Enfield police station shortly after.

Ever since his humiliation outside of the police station, Squire has taken to wearing a black helmet every time he goes out in public. It has not dissimilar charm to the BNP members in Salford who wear tin foil on the heads in case Jews are reading their darkest thoughts. But there is no stopping Squire.

Rumour has it he has taken up with Donna Treanor his former deputy organiser for London, who is now a big cheese in the Nick Griffin camp and who has recently been the victim of BNP style internecine revenge porn. How that works, and how that will work is a mystery for most people. Word is he took her down to Devon for New Year to meet his Mum and pat the dogs and horses on the local hunt.

Squire: Against non-white animal cruelty, only

Squire: Against non-white animal cruelty, only

Despite this potentially troublesome hook up, you’ll be pleased to hear that both Treanor and Squire remain totally committed to stopping animal cruelty-unless it is done by white folk!

Treanor: Whilst meeting Squire's family

Treanor: Whilst meeting Squire’s family


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