Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 16 02 15
Jarvie: Holiday tokens on offer

Jarvie: Holiday tokens on offer

Well, we had an angry missive over the weekend. Paul Weston told us that he did not like us and that it was unkind to mention that he had upset the teeny-bopper Fuhrer of Nazi gang National Action.

Yes, some people really did fiddle while Rome burned/arranged the deckchairs on a sinking Titanic etc.

Incidentally, my colleague is not entirely sure whether ‘Wayne Jarvie’ really is Wayne Jarvie. That being the case, the usual holiday tokens are on offer to the first glue sniffer to break rank and tell us the truth. If you need any convincing about the vile state the far-right is in at the moment, above is what Jarvie posted on his Facebook page at the weekend.

Wayne Jarvie: Dislikes most things. Mainly himself

Wayne Jarvie: Dislikes most things. Mainly himself

Jarvie also took issue with the less than ‘pure’ drug dealers and Hollywood Nazis of the North West Infidels who had a small and imperfect shindig in Oldham on the weekend. Of course, he did not have the kahunas to actually tell them to their faces that they are a bunch of drug dealing scum. Fair enough.

It would appear that the Electoral Commission has done what the rest of the country has done and totally given up on the National Front (NF). Both sides in the NF’s dispute continue in their quest to destroy Britain’s longest running Nazi party, but it appears they won’t be doing it in an election any time soon as both sides have failed, so far, to meet the set criteria. Filling in forms in crayon is a no-no, chaps.

The Northern Faction of the NF has taken issue with the New British Union of shouty video fame who I wrote about last month. In particular they take issue with the NBU’s leader Gary Raikes mimicking the departed Oswald Mosley. The NF described Raikes, his dog and two sweaty friends as “Like some other groups using swastikas and playing at being storm troopers with secret weekend get togethers – they are all pygmies dressed int he clothes of giants!”That’s both the NF’s emphasis and spelling mistake by the way.

The NF takes issue with Raikes, smelly dog and his two sweaty friends “aping past movements and past leaders.” Indeed. How very worthy. The NF are currently planning a meeting and a 58 minute DVD to celebrate the life of BNP founder John Tyndall. Tyndall has been dead a long time but don’t let that stop let the man whom Tyndall hated more than most, Eddy Morrison, trying to cash in on Tyndall’s memory. Aping a dead leader may be wrong, but cashing in with a bit of stolen YouTube footage most certainly is not, then.

The NF: Necrophilia for Nutzis

The NF: Necrophilia for Nutzis

And finally, naughty fascist Danny Holland has found himself a job working at the University of Hertfordshire’s “Forum” venue, where students go to eat, drink and listen to bands.

It seems Holland may need a few lessons in hygiene as well as manners. All of which he can ask to learn about down the social tomorrow morning.

Holland's social media likes

Holland’s social media likes


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