The Steadfast Trust: Caught On Camera

Matthew Collins - 18 02 15
Steve Sargent

Steve Sargent

A charity set up to specifically promote white Anglo Saxon culture has once again made the headlines for the wrong reasons after secret video footage captured members of the charity making nazi salutes whilst making racist comments.

The Steadfast trust was set up 10 years ago with the aim of promoting white only culture via educational material it distributed to children and visits to historical sites in the UK.

However, the far right charity has never been far from controversy during its short lifespan.

It has regularly been linked to the far right, in fact the founder of the charity, Jane Phillips went on to assist Nick Griffin and the BNP draft the party’s constitution.

Tim Hawke, a former trustee of the charity (more on that later) was involved in running the fake BNP led trade union Solidarity and a well known Steadfast Trust activist Julia Howman stood as a BNP candidate and was a regular at EDL demonstrations, often being invited to speak at various EDL events.

Now, The Steadfast Trust finds itself in a whole heap of trouble after one of its directors Tim Hawke was suspended and the charity has become the subject of a Metropolitan Police fraud investigation for promoting a far right political agenda.

The Trust has also been de-registered by the Charity Commission after it decided it should have never had charitable status in the first place.

This far right agenda has become clear for all to see after footage was captured by the ITV “Exposure” programme clearly shows a number of very well known far right activists, taking part in Steadfast Trust activities.

Video evidence shows supporters bragging about once being members or candidates of such organisations such as the BNP,NF and the KKK. Another man racially abuses a mixed race family at a Steadfast event.

Caught on camera was a few familiar faces including Steve Sargent, brother of convicted murderer and former leader of Combat 18 Charlie Sargent.

Steve Sargent formed The National Socialist Movement in 1997, the same NSM that Soho nail bomber David Copeland was a member of. Copeland received six life sentences for his 1999 bombing campaign which killed three people, including a pregnant woman, and injured 129.

Sargent is caught on camera launching a racist tirade against the mixed race family.

Also attending The Steadfast Trust event was former C18 activist Rob Gray who was sent to prison in 1997 for producing the highly racist C18 magazine “The Stormer”.

Another Nazi spotted at the event was the very violent Chelsea hooligan Andy Frain aka The Nightmare. Among his many prison sentences was one conviction for slashing the throat of an off duty police officer. His other convictions include blackmail along with a number of violent offences. It was Frain’s associates who organised the riot at an England football match in Dublin in 1995


Piers Mellor

Piers Mellor

Also spotted on the video was Eddie Stampton’s lapdog, the Australian wannabe Piers Mellor. Mellor was heard telling tall stories to the undercover reporter about his long history in the far right, which is rather strange as we only became aware of him about 4-5 years ago.

What is clear is that a pattern is fast emerging, wherever Piers Mellor is seen, the police are soon seen shortly after. Stampton is many things, including a police informer, so it would be of no surprise if his Nazi protégé, Piers Mellor hadn’t followed the direction of his best friend Eddie…

The Steadfast Trust appears to be on its knees and about to wither and die. We won’t be shedding any tears.


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