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Matthew Collins - 23 02 15
Renshaw: Tory boy meets Thunderbirds

Renshaw: Tory boy meets Thunderbirds

We have always had a soft spot for Peter Molloy here at HOPE not hate. No event has been too small or too insincere to stop him turning up in his beret and medals. He is a “solid type,” the perfect stool that helped Adam Walker take over the British National Party (BNP), before being screwed over by Walker and his chums in return.

Now, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet (mainly because it hurts my back trying), but as well as predicting that Walker would try and unseat Griffin we have also often mentioned the implausible fact that Molloy himself had designs on the BNP’s top job. I mean, seriously, it is better than actually working for a living, so Molloy is right up for that avenue.

After Molloy resigned his positions in the party last December but retained a membership, he has alleged that the trio now running the party emptied the bank account of the wing of the party Molloy ran to try and cash in on the misery of returned soldiers. Some £3000 it was alleged! Nice work if you can get it..

Molloy: Don't ask about the toilets...

Molloy: Don’t ask about the toilets…

Now it appears that Molloy’s emails and Facebook account have been tampered with after someone unknown tried to access them, possibly to see what scurrilous other things he has been saying-possibly about the alleged incident in the toilets at a BNP conference in Blackpool one year that required a Pulp Fiction style clean up in case the police were called.

Now Molloy has got his Facebook account back and is not happy. Well, to ensure he does not come to the rescue of the BNP, here is a small grab from his latest Facebook status that should ensure he gets expelled.

We thought Griffin did a good job running the BNP, but we are more than happy these days with the combined efforts of Walker, Jefferson and Harrington. Long may they continue.

Elsewhere, last month we mentioned how two of the National Front’s leading lights were off to the big smoke for night at the theatre. Well, the same two who are responsible for this year’s White Power festival as well as the upkeep of the National Front’s membership files, spent quite a lot of their weekend in the company of the police due to their keeping of dangerous dogs (is there a connection between the two?) Debbie it seems is a dog breeder, but it is not her fault that some of her dog’s are of the dangerous variety, but apparently the fault of the people that her dogs have tried to attack. Nice people the National Front, eh?

NF's Debbie McMahon: keeper of dangerous dogs

NF’s Debbie McMahon: keeper of dangerous dogs

It’s been a while since we mentioned Jack Renshaw. He too had dog problems you may recall; yes, he had a gay dog that was causing him some grief. Jack is currently trying to raise monies to stand in the forthcoming elections to stop the genocide of white people. In case you were unaware, it’s happening all the time. sadly for Jack, he seems to have no opportunity to revert this genocide as he spends too much time on the internet looking at naughty websites. But still, did he really have to trawl some rather depraved website to find the image he used for his campaign, or did he just take advantage of being at the right place at the right time? No wonder drinkers at his regular haunt in Manchester have taken a dislike to him.

Renshaw's election campaign

Renshaw’s election campaign

And finally, we had not one but two phone calls from Manchester last night from drinkers in the city’s “village” area where the LGBT community like to go and let their hair down. The calls were about a heavily tattooed Polish Bonehead dancing around the dance floor with his shirt off at a particular bar popular with people that like S&M. ‘Could you identify this man?’ we asked. Well yes, came the reply from one of the callers. “He was with a gang of Polish Nazis that set up stall in Manchester city centre this morning..”

There have been a number of vicious assaults on gay men in the village area of Manchester recently so we would ask our friends in the community to be conscious of who they are letting into the pubs and clubs there.

Polish Nazis yesterday in Manchester and village

Polish Nazis yesterday in Manchester and village


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