Jim Dowson pleads guilty

Matthew Collins - 05 03 15
Dowson: Guilty

Dowson: Guilty

The far-right’s Mr Fix-it Jim Dowson, pleaded guilty in Belfast Magistrates Court yesterday to three counts of taking part in un-notified processions in Northern Ireland between December 2012 and January 2013.

Another eleven offences, including encouraging offenses to take place, were dropped in exchange for the admission of guilt to the lesser charges. The charges all relate to protests that took place across Northern Ireland after the removal of the Union Flag from Belfast City Hall at the end of 2012. The flag is still flown now, but only on limited and designated days.

Dowson was charged under the 2006 Serious Crimes Act which normally apply to terrorists or those involved in the funding or supporting of terror.

Dowson’s case was unusual as the burden of proof was placed on the defendant to prove their innocence and the prosecution was under no burden to prove the charges against Dowson.

Refused legal aid, Dowson had planned to take his case to both the High Court and the Supreme Court but this has proved too much for even Mr Moneybags himself.

His co-defendant, Jamie Bryson, is likely to continue to fight the charges as he has been granted legal aid.

Dowson: At the flag protests

Dowson: At the flag protests

A former “owner” of the British National Party (BNP) and the founder of the internet cash cow Britain First, Dowson is understandably outraged at what he feels has been a miscarriage of justice and an attack on his civil rights (in Dowson’s world, civil and human rights only seem to apply to him).

Dowson seems to forget that on one of those marches, shots were fired at a police officer- much to his delight. Even if the shots did turn out to be blanks, at the time of the shots being fired, Dowson was delighted.

Dowson will be sentenced next month-after a social worker has visited the Dowson mansion and filed their report on him.

This gives Jim 30 days to hide any hoods or burning crosses he has laying around his back garden


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