Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 20 03 15
A little Nazi paper

A little Nazi paper

Britain First led the way this week when they managed to produce the world’s smallest Nazi newspaper.

Britain First claim they have printed 30,000 copies of their mini-paper. Obviously nobody told them that they have to actually sell them to make the actual money they think they are going to rake in from the paper. Somebody obviously also forgot to tell them what “censored” actually means, too.

The Electoral Commission has finally chosen which village idiot gets control of the name National Front (NF). The award goes to the Northern faction. Expect a challenge to the decision any day soon as the party still excludes non-whites, so it will be a pleasure for someone somewhere to now challenge the NF’s legitimacy.

Some good news, finally, for the British National Party (BNP). Lawrence Rustem has returned to the party after a period of being rejected by a host of other far-right groups. Rustem, who would be denied membership of the NF based on his ethnicity, was a popular target for racist jokers in the BNP. Rumour is that Richard “Dickie” Barnbrook, the one-suit clown of GLA infamy is also on his way back.

We don’t often write about the disturbed rantings of Joshua Bonehill. However, since he launched his another in a string of far-right groups of which he is the only member, I couldn’t help but notice the criteria for his latest venture: Members, as well as being idiots, must also be “good looking”.

All eyes on Newcastle tomorrow for the ugly mugs marching on the “white man march”. Again, when you’re a Nazi, it’s worth remembering that size isn’t everything.

Ever seen a good looking Nazi?

Ever seen a good looking Nazi?


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