Francesco’s wasted journey

Matthew Collins - 27 03 15
Fontana: Mercenary on recruiting trip

Fontana: Mercenary on recruiting trip

Yesterday I mentioned in a blog one Francesco Saverio Fontana, an Italian mercenary who turned up at the disastrous ‘White Man’ shuffle in Newcastle last weekend.

Now thanks to our people at HOPE not hate in Italy, we know a little bit more about his visit to our shores. It seems that ‘Big Sal’ has reported home that National Action, who hosted the event in Newcastle, are little more than mouthy teenagers with a penchant for dressing up in uniforms and running around with their faces covered in nylon stockings.

What Fontana did not tell National Action and those around him in Newcastle last week however, is that he was actually told to leave Ukraine and booted out of the infamous Azov Battalion – a volunteer paramilitary group of nazis for being drunk and getting himself into trouble.

Fontana told the bunch of teenage nazis who flocked around him in Newcastle that he was some kind of hero. It would appear now that some of these young boys are keen to offer themselves up to the cause of being butchered in the Ukraine in the name of National Socialism.

Fontana in action in the Ukraine

Fontana in action in the Ukraine

Our government is understandably concerned about British people going off to fight in foreign wars, so it would seem reasonable that they apply the same pressure on people recruiting to fight for nazi paramilitaries in the Ukraine as they do for people recruiting those willing to fight/marry and die for Islamic State.

All of this will be very upsetting for Nick Griffin, who spawned the tiny Nazi outfit National Action in the hope of saving his career.

He’s just returned from a visit to Russia where among other things, he attacked the Ukrainians and their neo-Nazi supporters like National Action and Francesco Saverio Fontana.

You can read more about National Action in the latest edition of HOPE not hate magazine.

Nazi fodder: What Fontana saw

Nazi fodder: What Fontana saw


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