King of the Burgers to sue the BNP

Matthew Collins - 27 03 15
Angus Matthys: Never dull with him..

Angus Matthys: Never dull with him..

There can be few people in the history of the British National Party (BNP), more blessed than Angus Matthys.

A rather glum, talentless individual, Matthys was chosen by the Griffin family to be the lawfully wedded husband of the golden child, Jennifer-Nick Griffin’s heir apparent, formerly touted as the future leader of the BNP.

For glum old Angus there followed an illuminating life in the spotlight. He’d spend his time wandering around the BNP barking out orders to people who had to obey his word solely on account of the fact he was married to Griffin’s favourite golden child.

Angus: Angry young man

Angus: Angry young man

When the BNP opened their ill-fated offices in Northern Ireland, it was Angus and his wife Jennifer (Griffin’s daughter) who went to live in Belfast to help run the BNP’s membership list . Daddy Nick Griffin ensured that as well as a rather healthy salary for the couple, that the party would also fork out for a lovely flat for the pair. As an aside, they duly ruined the flat to the point that when they fled from Belfast some two years later, the landlord (who was owed hundreds of pounds in rent arrears) almost had a nervous breakdown when he saw just how much doggy excrement was trodden into the carpets or just left on the kitchen floor.

Privately we’re told, the Griffin klan soon grew tired of Angus. In Belfast, after one disaster after another (including the day he left the door unlocked when our photographer happened to be passing) he found himself told to stay at home and only come into the office to open the hate mail the party received. Still, he was blessed with a rather large salary, much greater than many other BNP staff, and certainly a lot higher than those who had to put up with his and Jennifer’s strange behaviour at the office.

Angus was used by the Griffin family as an errand boy, fetching and carrying and cleaning for the family, as well as picking up Griffin’s curries from restaurants when he was too scared to go in.

Even when the BNP hit serious financial troubles and had to let their staff go, Angus managed to hold onto his job, infuriating many BNP employees, who saw their salaries either halved or their jobs just vanish. Angus could hardly believe his luck. He even found himself elevated onto one of the party’s ruling bodies for elected officials and was even given shares in one of the front companies the BNP set up.

Legal: Angus fires his first blank

Legal: Angus fires his first blank

And then things went wrong. Nick Griffin got the push from the BNP last year and one of the first things the party did was cut off the expense account that Angus and Jennifer were so fond of using. Yes, the BNP decided it would no longer pay the bills run up on credit cards by Angus and Jennifer Matthys. It was, apparently, worth to the couple several thousand pounds. Some of the debts were genuinely BNP debts, but that does not seem to matter any more. The BNP are making poor Angus pay for all that he had off the party without truly earning it.

Pat Harrington: Getting vicious in his old age

Pat Harrington: Getting vicious in his old age

Last month, bailiffs turned up at the home of Angus and Jennifer. This is of course, nothing knew to anyone associated withe Griffins’. If you do not pay your bills, people come looking for them. Nick Griffin himself, has made quite a habit of avoiding paying his own way.

Now no longer a leading light in the far-right, Angus is doing some honest work by working in a fast food chain, whilst his no longer benevolent father in law still travels the world dining at other people’s expense.

Angus is now threatening to sue the BNP over the debts in his name. It seems fair enough. He is now married into a family that has never put its own hand in its own pockets.

Jefferson: Sniffs his way through allegations

Jefferson: Sniffs his way through allegations

I have in my possession a letter that Angus has had an adult write for him to the current BNP leadership. It is, as always, very illuminating.

If there is anybody left in the BNP who wants to read the full letter, just get in touch. You see, the thing with fascists is, they’re all as bad as each other.

Final: He's not a happy bunny

Final: He’s not a happy bunny


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