Weekend roundup

Matthew Collins - 12 04 15
The NF: Yes, still dumb Nazis

The NF: Yes, still dumb Nazis

Well, the weekend is not even over yet and it appears the hours spent by our dedicated team searching for far-right candidates has yielded few results.

This is despite certain people being determined to convince the world that the far-right in Britain is rising. Yes, we do have UKIP (unfortunately), but let’s not forget there are actually people with even worse policies around. Just fewer and fewer of them, actually.

With still a few checks and re-checks to be done, this could be the smallest number of far right candidates to stand this century. And it’s still not sure that the National Front did get all of the seven parliamentary candidates they claimed on Thursday evening over the line.

One of the biggest surprises is perhaps, that the English Dems appear to have only 32 candidates for the General Election. Still, there’s very little English about them anyway. I’m also pretty certain that the Electoral Commission will once more be looking at some of their nominated candidates. They do seem to have a problem with filling out their forms accurately.

There were a number of Nazi meetings and rallies around the country yesterday. The National Socialist Movement (NSM) were supposed to be meeting in Bristol, but it seems only people in the United States were aware of this, or even the fact that we still have a National Socialist Movement (NSM) in this country.

Around fifty people turned up in Blackburn for a joint National Front/North West Infidels rally. Yes, that is a man Nazi saluting in the picture up top and yes, the National Front is still a Nazi Front etc, etc.

NF: Shameless as every yesterday

NF: Shameless as every yesterday

The main event of the day however, was down in Yeovil where the leader of the white race in this country, Joshua Bonehill, managed to shrug of the humiliations of unrequited and imaginary love and hold a [imaginary] rally to launch his new group, “Liberation”.

Bonehill’s been threatening to have HOPE not hate closed down and sent to Siberia for the past week, but yesterday he offered to stop the “police investigation” into HOPE not hate if we removed the blog that drove him to further distraction. Obviously, we refused the offer from the 15p Fuhrer, and have decided to stay here. For some reason, Bonehill is still pretending to be Paul Golding. He doesn’t aim very high, does he?

Bonehill: Because he looks silly

Bonehill: Because he looks silly

Still, he’s not all hate, our Mr Bonehill. He declares his love some eight times here to someone.

Launch: Bonehill's massive launch rally

Launch: Bonehill’s massive launch rally

Yesterday he claimed the launch rally of his new group attracted some fifty people. Eye witness reports report that it was actually just Bonehill on his own. He told a local paper that he held the public launch in secret instead of in public.

Sad, isn’t he?

Note: Picture of Bonehill’s massive public rally is courtesy of Alex Wood, via EDL News


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