Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 27 04 15

Another week of violent failure for the far-right came to a head in Blackpool on the weekend, when the National Front (NF) got in all a huff with the dregs of what used to be the English Defence League (EDL). The two groups shared a drunken and embarrassing thirty yard shuffle along the seafront. It was meant to be a march for St George and England, though somehow it ended up with nazi flags and racist songs before the idiots were told to go back to the pub by the local constabulary.

Hitler isn't happy...

Hitler isn’t happy…

It didn’t take too long before things turned nasty between the two groups. The NF were furious with the EDL’s organising capabilities, but as they all still managed to get pissed in a pub, I’m pretty certain that the EDL managed to organise what they set out to do.

Jackbooted Spiv

Jackbooted Spiv

One of those who was unimpressed by the organisation of the day was Jackboot jack, the Jew-hating Manchester University student who failed to sell a single piece of the shoddy merchandise he took with him for the day.

Jackboot Renshaw: Lager top

Jackboot Renshaw: Lager top

The two groups are now excitedly bragging that they managed to attack a woman photographer. St George would no doubt be so proud..

For the British National Party (BNP), their election campaign in Rotherham continues to draw few of the party’s activists to help it. This Saturday the party has a three line whip, which may excite Patrick Harrington, but few others. Last weekend there was less than six of the lost souls out trying to start a race war. The party’s fake ‘Reverend’ Robert West, may have his own Cathedral in his outhouse, but he still has to be photographed on the steps of real churches for his publicity shots.

Now West faces a disciplinary committee over comments he made while teaching. Poor Robert also faces the embarrassment of being represented by Patrick Harrington. The party’s Chairman, Adam Walker has offered his “prayers” for the fake Reverend, who faces a lifetime ban from teaching.

That Walker is praying for the fake Rev is more than a tad amusing. Harrington represented Walker when he too faced a disciplinary board as a teacher. Walker is himself, banned from life from teaching.

The BNP also suffered another minor split last week when the two love birds ensconced in the head office had an “unconscious uncoupling”, apparently.

No doubt we should expect Harington to be back in another tribunal soon if the rumours are right and he has to defend the party again, on allegations of sexual harassment and unfair dismissal.


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