The day The Express & Star bought some magic beans..

Matthew Collins - 29 04 15
10,000 Britain First protesters

10,000 Britain First protesters

According to the Express & Star newspaper, outraged former servicemen are to conter-protest a march by Britain First next month in the town of Dudley in the West Midlands.

Apparently, the old soldiers are outraged at Britain First’s “use of images of Lee Rigby and that his family would not approve. They are also unhappy that Britain First sells pin badges bearing the image of the poppy.”

This is all well and good. However, the newspaper then claims that “More than 2,000 members of the far right group [Britain First] are expected to protest over plans to build a new mosque in the town.”

Two thousand? Where on earth did the (nameless) journalist get this figure from? Britain First’s last march was to support their parliamentary candidate in Rochester last year. On that occasion only 49 people turned up-which is only seven fewer than the amount of votes she got.

The Sun newspaper, probably smarting from having to cover some tits up for a few days at the time, reported not long after the Rochester march, that despite only having 49 marchers turn up in Kent, that Britain First had 8,000 members and Kent was, surprisingly, their stronghold.

We’ve already dealt with how Britain First manipulates social media. Today they have some 800,000 likes on their Facebook page. Most of whom live on the Indian Sub-Continent and like Justin Beiber and are purchased in lots of 5,000 for next to nothing.

Express & Star: Doing a disservice ..

Express & Star: Doing a disservice ..

The last protest in Dudley was in February of this year, when over 500 people protested with the EDL. That was the biggest EDL march/protest for some years. The West Midlands does tend to have the highest turn out for far-right protests and Britain First knows this. If they are lucky, however, and because it is the West Midlands, there will be closer to 300 people at the Britain First march and nowhere near the 2000 the newspaper states.

Most of the other 799,700 of Britain First’s followers would probably be denied visas to enter the country. And wouldn’t that be ironic?

Perhaps the paper should check the last time they reported on a Britain First demonstration in the town? That time there was a mighty five people there.

Another enormous BF protest..

Another enormous BF protest..

Understandably, local traders in Dudley are very nervous that once more they will have to close up for the day. The newspaper has been around to tell them of the coming storm of 2000 far-right marchers.

If you ask me, the newspaper has done as much to harm local trade and business as has the EDL and Britain First.

Tonight Britain First are meeting in Cumbernauld, Scotland. If they are thinking of practising their flute playing there, they’re about five miles away from home..


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