Up the Poles with Jim Dowson

Matthew Collins - 30 04 15

Convicted thug and pavement rustler Jim Dowson has thrown caution to the wind and come out in support of Polish immigration to the United Kingdom.

The man who formerly owned the British National Party (BNP) and founded Britain First has been waxing lyrical about the wonders of his Polish neighbours!

Dowson: He smells a penny...

Dowson: He smells a penny…

Jim likes them, because at the least the one he knows, threw a brick at a Policeman in Northern Ireland during the flag protests. While Dowson’s erstwhile colleagues are out attacking Poles in Belfast on a regular basis, Dowson has suddenly declared a great love for them. In finding love for Polish people, Dowson has described millions of other British people as “dole scrounging, Jeremy Kyle sponging arseholes..” Ouch. Is that really the way to describe Britain First?

Dowson lays into someone...

Dowson lays into someone…

Dowson has really taken a liking to the East. Recently he was drooling over an unclothed Russian President, describing him as a “real man”, as Dowson and a host of other far-right extremists quaffed Vodka and tripe in St Petersburg. It’s not Dowson suddenly ditching his homophobia and other embedded hatreds, so there must be a few quid in it for him somewhere.

So taken with Russians, Germans and Poles is Dowson all of a sudden, he also recently told a meeting in Belfast that he would “rather have heterosexual, white, Christian Poles” living there, than “black, Somali Muslims.” Being the Christian sort that he is, Dowson appears to have ditched his UKIP key rings and now wants to give them away for free! Well, the postage does happen to be a bit ball-breaking, but you cannot have everything!

Not for sale: Jim's UKIP tat

Not for sale: Jim’s UKIP tat

The word on the streets of Gdansk is that Dowson has decided to throw his lot in with a chase for Roubles and Zloty and as well as contact with the Russian Orthodox church, has now opened a dialogue in person with Polish anti-abortionists and anti-gay groups. Where there is hate, there is money. And to be fair, Dowson has totally bled the far-right here out of pounds and pence. It’s believed he billed Britain First a four figure sum to turn up at their training weekend in Coventry last week, where the activists present vented their empty pockets with hatred directed at Poles, Hungarians and Lithuanians- much to ‘Jimbo’s’ chagrin.

Dowson was recently the centre of a bit of a puff-piece on Russian Orthodox television where he was described as some kind of patriotic, lifesaving messenger from God!

Perhaps Jim would like to make contact with Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (National Rebirth of Poland) which is usually abbreviated to NOP. This group has been seen at various Golden Dawn demos in London with National Action as well at the White Man March that NA organised in Newcastle back in March.

Polish pop-star holds flag pole

Polish pop-star holds flag pole

One of those Dowson should try and hook up with is Krzysztof Tempczyk. He’s an active member of NOP and the above photo was taken in Manchester at the recent White Pride World Wide march. He is also a member of a seemingly successful Polish pop band called Soleo!

The band’s YouTube channel has had over 5 million views which mean Krzysztof is in the surprising position of being one of the most successful far-right musicians the British far-right will have ever seen!

Krzysztof plays pop

Krzysztof plays pop


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