A bad week for fascism ends in arrests and shame

Matthew Collins - 11 05 15
EDL member feels the weight of dissent

EDL member feels the weight of dissent

Who knows why the English Defence League (EDL) thought going back to Walthamstow would be a good idea? On Saturday the group could only muster 70 supporters for the debacle, yet had nearly one hundred supporters gathered at Liverpool Street hours before.

Yet again the EDL faced a huge wall of resistance from antifascist groups, trade unions and local residents. By 11am their Rally point outside the Walthamstow Assembly Hall was already occupied whilst large numbers of militant antifascists were at the EDL meeting point at Blackhorse Road tube Station. Around 30 antifascists were held by Police, who confirmed they were being arrested.

The EDL took exception to some of the home-made signs displaying the fact they were not welcome there and made pathetic attempts to breach the Police lines to attack locals. This led to some minor skirmishes and arrests (see picture). The EDL’s continued insistence that they are “not racist” becomes more laughable every time they appear somewhere. Nazi Salutes from their followers, who clearly can’t help themselves and keep up the pretence any longer, along with entertaining the likes of Hitler worshipper Eddie Stampton tells the very true story!

Stampton: Like a drug to the EDL..

Stampton: Like a drug to the EDL..

Stampton was there selling his tat and drugs to EDL supporters having only just announced another anti-Jewish march of his own.

The internal difficulties in the group surfaced when London organiser Dave Bolton had two of their own marchers arrested. Wild scenes ensued at the end of the march as a small group of EDL marchers tried to confront Bolton.

All in all, it was another waste in police time and the EDL’s time.

In Dudley, Britain First managed fewer than 100 people on their anti-Mosque march, this is despite the local newspaper warning some 2000 people would turn up!

Dudley: Two flags per BF marcher

Dudley: Two flags per BF marcher

Police are currently investigating speeches made on the day by Britain First. You can hear some of their supreme intelligence here. It includes the immortal line “where there are Mosques, there are Muslisms.” Make of that what you will..

Interestingly, a group of military veterans also turned out to oppose Britain First, you can see that here.

And in Rochdale, the police finally caught up with Junior Jackboot Renshaw after two years of him spouting vile hatred against Jews, before the National Front could even begin their drunken nonsense.

A bad week for fascism in this country.

Renshaw: About time he had some porridge

Renshaw: About time he had some porridge


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