Far-right round up: Silly boys

Matthew Collins - 15 05 15
Raymond: Secret nazi art project coordinator

Raymond: Secret nazi art project coordinator

A terrible, terrible week to be a fascist. Electorally, they’re only getting about 0.5% in elections and there has been some angst in their dwindling number about their offices in parliament remaining locked and unused.

The English Democrats appear to have launched their 2016 Police & Crime Commissioner elections campaign already. What better way to gloss over one disaster than by immediately plotting another?

Things in the EDs are about to get a lot worse, too. Their rump in South Yorkshire was on the brink of returning to the British National Party (BNP), but that appears to be on hold for now as the BNP is currently overcome by a lovers quarrel at their Head Office in Cumbria and, it appears, they’re all living out of suitcases on people’s floors.

That aside, the BNP did manage to at least send out one expulsion notice (which brings their membership down to approximately 544) when the party finally expelled Pete Molloy this week. That is the thanks he gets for stabbing Nick Griffin in the back and allowing old friend Adam Walker to get the ‘top job’ in fascism. Shameful.

Talking of Walker, his brother Mark was very upset to be mentioned in my blog last Saturday. I merely mentioned that Mark was himself, like Adam, a former teacher. He has since then, been going around wishing me dead, even convincing some among his number, that I actually was dead!

Walker: If you tolerate him etc, etc

Walker: If you tolerate him etc, etc

Well, as it appears that Mark is now back in BNP, I shall expand further on the particulars of why he is no longer a teacher. In October 2011 a tribunal hearing into his activities as a teacher heard that Whilst employed as a teacher at Sunnydale Community College, County Durham during 2007, Walker:

1. Conducted an inappropriate e-mail exchange with a 16 year old former pupil of the school at which he was a teacher. The tribunal was told that the pupil concerned was particularly vulnerable as she had psychological problems and that staff had been made aware of this in April 2006.

2. Used school computer and internet facilities for his own private and business purposes, including such use taking place during teaching and/or preparation, planning and assessment (“PPA”) time. As well as using school time and property to visit EBay, yes, Walker was also emailing the vulnerable former pupil.

3. Condoned a demonstration outside the school in relation to his suspension. Yes, that’s right. His nazi mates held a demonstration outside of a school, where there were young people trying to get an education and not be intimidated by moronic, racist, thugs.

Accordingly, Mark Walker was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

And you can now add to the list of banned BNP teachers, Robert West. Yes, he too was banned from teaching this week.

Elsewhere, police informant Eddie Stampton has decided to turn his disruption techniques against the teen-nazi gang, National Action. Stampton rightly points out that the organisation has been infiltrated by the state, but unsurprisingly, gets it all wrong. That must be some kind of professional courtesy on his part.

Stampton: Knows a nark when he sees one

Stampton: Knows a nark when he sees one

In response, National Action are indignant. Good for them; there’s not many top-secret nazi terror groups like them around any more. Thankfully, this one obliges the media by sending out details of its top secret activities in the hope of getting into the tabloids and shocking their parents. The group’s leader (no, let’s not ask who is paying for his overseas travel to visit proper nazis) is convinced the group is on the cusp of something mighty and that the gang is “solid in its security.” Apparently he checks our website and magazine regularly and although a little distraught he does not feature very often, he says it is because we know nothing about him and his nasty art project.

Well, as far as art projects go, National Action is one of the more interesting ones, definitely. Sure, sticking a banana on a statue of Nelson Mandela is naughty and the choreography of their stunts is interesting, but there really is not much else to write home about that is worth the space. And anyway, having a full time MI6 officer on board pretty much ensures that their keep fit classes for nazis remain little more than a shirtless version of the adventure scouts, but with swastikas.

Perhaps their leader, Ben Raymond aka Noyles, should ask the project’s benefactor about those trips to Belgium he made for decades and why there is currently a whole load of Belgium nazis facing trial for organising shirtless wrestling in the forest and the theft and stockpiling of firearms that he then took photographs of them all holding?

Or perhaps, the weird appearance of a disgraced mercenary at one of their rallies?

And sure, yes, we know where in Accrington they go for their little photo sessions, we even know the gym they use for training in Lancashire and the name of the professional MMA trainer who trains them. But all in good time. In the meantime, I’ve used a picture of Benjamin, a failed double glazing salesman with no means of income, on one of his little European jaunts recently.

Tomorrow he’ll be searching desperately to discover why exactly they have taken gullible out of his dictionary.

Over in the EDL, another war has broken out. This time it is over the arrests last weekend at their march in Walthamstow. Kevin Bryant (not the NF leader of a similar name), believes he was singled out for arrest after ther EDL’s number one eejit, Dave Bolton, singled him out to the police. If it is true, there’s even a pic of the moment Bolton allegedly sent one of his errand boys off to the coppers.

Bolton sends word to the police last week

Bolton sends word to the police last week

Is it any wonder that most of the EDL’s northern leadership went instead, to the Britain First march in Dudley?

This one will run and run. Good luck with it lads.

Bryant: Before the police lifted him

Bryant: Before the police lifted him

And finally, there really is a guy down the chip shop who swears that he’s Elvis. He also likes to brag about assaulting women photographers and posting excrement to other people’s addresses. Two years ago, against salient advice, he was paid £150 by a national newspaper for details of other far-right activists-one in particular.

So he should stop being a very naughty boy, because even though the moronic victim of his nice little earner is well, moronic, he’s probably holding a very nasty grudge against the person who gave his details to the newspaper.

Silly boy.


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