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Matthew Collins - 21 05 15
Bryant: Out of his depth

Bryant: Out of his depth

The Birmingham Mail ran a story today about plans by a “mystery” group of football hooligans to descend on Dudley next Month.

The group are using the name All Football Fans Firms Against Islamisation (AFFAI).

It’s actually based on the German model of football hooligans united against radical Islamists, which in turn, was loosely modelled on our very own English Defence League (EDL).

Initially, the plan was for the group to bring over European football hooligans, but that idea has gone on the back burner.

Hooligans: Notoriously friendly types

Hooligans: Notoriously friendly types

The paper claims that 2500 football hooligans are expected on the march, once more, the power of social media seems to be greater than the power of research.

The person organising the march is Middlesex based Kevin Bryant, who claims to be a member of the Chelsea Headhunters. We can confirm that is untrue.

If that name rings a bell, we blogged about Bryant only last week.

The EDL are not best pleased with Bryant’s activities as they see it as competition, and Bryant has led one of the many campaigns inside the EDL to have sex pest David Bolton removed. Bryant is also believed to be behind the leak of Bolton’s address onto the internet earlier this week. Bryant believes that his arrest at Walthamstow was down to Bolton asking the police to remove him from their march.

Bryant uses the name Kevin Smith on line to avoid detection, but we have some even more interesting information about him.

Bryant’s partner is Tee Rehskah from Krakow, in Poland. Bryant had been hoping that she would convince Polish football hooligans to come to Dudley, however, the Polish hooligans appear more interested in fighting their English counterparts and despite what the Birmingham Mail thinks, there is nowhere near enough interested parties to meet up with a fight the Poles so that idea appears to be on hold also.

Bryant and Rehskah

Bryant and Rehskah

Word yesterday was that the EDL is to ban its members from attending the Dudley demonstration which will of course not help much. Bolton is also threatening to retaliate to his address being leaked by Bryant, by having him attacked in London this Friday when people are expected to turn up in Woolwich to remember the soldier Lee Rigby.

Bolton and the EDL have already been told they are not welcome to attend, but this is likely to fall on deaf ears.


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