The golden truth about Golders Green

Matthew Collins - 21 05 15
Stampton: Nazi drug dealer and grass

Stampton: Nazi drug dealer and grass

Oh, the humanity. A massive gang of neo-nazis are apparently planning to march in Golders Green an area in London with a large and vibrant Jewish community.

They’ve been planning to march there for a couple of months. In fact, they’ve been planning to march there since before they even had a name for their group. This week it (the march) became a big news story.

Today, the IBTimes has covered the story. In an incisive piece of journalism, they have a picture of a bonehead nazi (not British, but that doesn’t seem to matter,) and also a Jewish family. They also say that it is believed that Joshua Bonehill is behind the group, ‘New Dawn’ planning the march.

I don’t know who believes this other than the writer and possibly the picture editor who carefully chooses the pictures to go with the stories.

So, let’s just clear up a few misunderstandings. Britain First is not going on the march, or organising the march. ‘New Dawn’ is not a massive group of dedicated neo-nazis, they are in fact, the losing side in the National Front’s split. In fact, we’re not even sure they are all behind the idea of a march. There is five of them, so a split is likely.

The group’s London organiser is Piers Mellor, who we dubbed the ‘Nazi law man.’ How his employers put up with his activities is beyond us.

Mellor is close friends with drug dealer, police grass, woman beater, Eddie Stampton.

It is Stampton who is organising the march.

So, there you go.

Mellor: Stampton's close friend and foreigner

Mellor: Stampton’s close friend and foreigner


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