Antisemitism set to spoil neo-Nazi rally

Matthew Collins - 28 05 15
Renshaw: Tory boy meets Thunderbirds

Renshaw: Tory boy meets Thunderbirds

Here’s a conundrum for the Nazi movement in this country. One of the speakers at the neo-Nazi rally proposed for Golders Green next month, is refusing to come because he does not want to share a platform with a Jew!

Yes, little Jack ‘Jackboot’ Renshaw, will not come because one of the speakers is Jewish! Oh yes, he also does not want to share a platform with Eddie Stampton because even Jack thinks he is a police grass, and he knows like everybody else on the far-right, that Stampton deals drugs to white kids.

Yes, there will be a Jewish speaker at the neo-Nazi anti-Jewish rally in Golders Green. Even though Melissa Caldwell/Cordwell says she is an “Anti-Zionist”, as opposed to a Jew-hater, isn’t it nice to see the Nazis finally stuck with one of those sorts of people, and not the ultra left for a change?

What happens now is a mystery. Do his fellow Nazis pull him up on his Antisemitism? Does Ms Cordwell report him to the Board of Deputies?

For once in my life, I am in wholehearted agreement with Renshaw. No one should share a platform with a self-hating, Holocaust denying Jew. Even if they say they are “anti-Zionist.”

Still, even without Jack, there is a real smorgasbord of non-Kosher talent lined up for the day. Here they are:

Kevin Layzell: He predicts a riot..

Kevin Layzell: He predicts a riot..

Kevin Layzell is a former high flyer in the Young British National Party. He’s a bit weird. His favourite political heroes are, mainly, himself. He once even gave himself a brilliant review on the BNP website about how good he is at speaking. His speeches are normally preoccupied with sodomy and violence, but there is no evidence that he has ever had a fight, although he has run from a few. His other interests are dressing up in historical costume. He also has a pierced ear now, mainly because he was too worried about what his mum would say if he got a tattoo.

Eddie Stampton: Violent fruit fetishist

Eddie Stampton: Violent fruit fetishist

Eddie Stampton: Well known wife beater, police grass and drug dealer. He wants to save the country from immigrant crime. Maybe that is what he was doing when he robbed a man he had slept with after engaging in rough trade, and then later, nearly beating his own girlfriend to death. Oh yes, he also had former C18 boss and murderer Charlie Sargent sent back to prison in exchange for being released from his tag early. All Hail!

Jaggers: Couldn't do it for Griffin

Jaggers: Couldn’t do it for Griffin

Bernadette Jaggers: She used to be a high flyer in the BNP, too. She was even Nick Griffin’s bodyguard for a while. That didn’t work out as under her care, he got an egg in the face. Then she joined the NF and ran that into the ground by giving her son the job as party philosopher. Or something like that. Now she runs New Dawn. It’s probably like Old Dawn to be honest. She’s going to talk about curtains.

Livingstone: High Aryan blood pressure

Livingstone: High Aryan blood pressure

Chris Livingstone: Another former BNP high flyer. Hey, remember when they said they were not a Nazi party? Funny, isn’t it? Livingstone has reinvented himself as man-about-town’s Mr Angry. When he was in the BNP, he was Mr Lazy. So, well done to you, Chris. These days he hangs around with a bunch of kids (like Kevin) so he looks bigger and harder than he is. Expect him to talk about Jews.

Jez Turner: No questions asked

Jez Turner: No questions asked

Jez Turner: I used to be in the National Front with Jez. Then he was apparently recruited by MI6 and went off to the Middle East with the army as an intelligence officer. Speaks a number of tribal languages by all accounts. Still, no-one should ask him where he gets his money from. It’s rude. Jez will talk about Jews, but not what he does for a living. Expect afterwards, everyone to pop down the Officer’s club with him for a few drinks. Except Kevin, he has to be home before it’s dark.

Melissa Cordwell: When an “anti-Zionist” shares a platform with Jew haters, it pretty much gives you an idea about what sort of person they really are. Will she be offended that Jack Renshaw will not stand next to her-because she is a Jew? Do we really give a toss what she thinks? No, she is a collaborator. End of story.

Renshaw's rant

Renshaw’s rant


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