Jew-hating Jew forced to quit Nazi rally

Matthew Collins - 29 05 15

After yesterday’s story about Melissa Cordwell (or whatever she calls herself) turning up to speak at the Nazi rally planned for Golders Green next month, it appears she has now decided to pull out from speaking.

Maybe it was being the subject of such Antisemitism from her “friends” or perhaps it clashed with her religious obligations, but Cordwell will no longer be speaking about “Jewish power” etc, etc.

According to our source, she was hurt that the Nazis attending the rally did not want to stand with her. She’s probably outraged. She was apparently, also, extremely hurt by their comments. After all, she is only an “anti-Zionist” etc, etc. Where she ends up next will be anybody’s guess. I’m sure some group will accomodate her.

Now that she has gone, some others have stepped up to speak. And if you thought yesterday’s ensemble was more like a shower, check out the new additions:

Mark Atkinson: Chief Nazi and bog cleaner

Mark Atkinson: Chief Nazi and bog cleaner

Mark Atkinson: Atkinson cleans the toilets at a well known London seat of learning, making him the only one of this group who does an honest day’s work. When he is not doing that, he runs the wannabe terror-group the Racial Volunteer Force (RVF). Atkinson has always been involved in rubbish of one kind or another.

In 2005, Atkinson- along with four others, was jailed for publishing and distributing race hate material. The five jailed all admitted conspiracy to publish the magazine ‘Stormer’, with the intention of stirring up racial hatred. Articles featured included how to ‘Roast A Rabbi’.

Another copy of the magazine featured bomb making instructions and praised Soho bomber David Copeland, who was jailed for life for murder after bomb attacks targeting the gay, West Indian and Muslim communities in London. Atkinson was jailed for five years.

These days he appears once a year with a tatty wreath at the National Front’s annual parade and then, other than that, he’s head- first down a toilet cleaning up after some academic.

He’ll be talking about and calling for ‘unity’ among British Nazis, as well as how much he hates Jews. Most other Nazis hate him.

Rushton with Stampton: Ladies men

Rushton with Stampton: Ladies men

Peter Rushton: Pete is weird, even for a Nazi. When he’s not hanging around street corners banging on about the world Jewish conspiracy, he’s doing it on television. In Iran. That’s right, Pete is an employee of the Iranian government’s Press TV. He is their resident expert on the Holocaust.

Pete will be talking about the Holocaust and how it did not happen. He’s the kind of bloke that will say anything for a few quid (or whatever the currency is in Iran.) He’s probably only slightly more popular than Atkinson.



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