Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 12 06 15
Nazis: One drama after another

Nazis: One drama after another

I am currently working on musical theatre and have decided that Joshua Bonehill and Eddie Stampton will each, in turn, be my Muse.

I’m going to call my production “The Pervert And The Grass Fall Out” and it will be based upon real events unfolding as I write.

The planned march by Jew-haters in Golders green next month has got two of Britain’s most brainless Nutzis abusing each other over social media. Bonehill, who stalks young women on the internet, is outraged that in his absence, Strampton has decided to invite a self-hating Jew to address the rally.

Bonehill: A popular leader of white people

Bonehill: A popular leader of white people

I wonder if Bonehill has considered making another of his wonderful complaints to the police about the issue?

As for what kind of songs we’ll have, I’m still searching for ideas but with them both being close friends of Dorothy, one can expect some kind of role for Bernadette Jaggers in pig tails.

Talking of theatrics, the police in the West Midlands should pop round and visit Paul Hickman, the art director of the teeny-bop Nazi gang Nazi Action and ask him about their recent performance at the Menorah in Birmingham.

Hickman: Has lots of young friends

Hickman: Has lots of young friends

Those daring cowards may have some convinced that they’re the vanguard of some kind of Russian fifth column, but so far, they’re little more than very naughty boys and should be nipped in the bud before they really do upset somebody and a teaching career gets ruined..


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