Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 19 06 15
Dowson: First round win?

Dowson: First round win?

It’s been an even more difficult few weeks than usual for those few remaining members of the British National Party (BNP).

An aggrieved former employee of the party last week took a sharp knife to the tyres of a senior member of the party, but thankfully, not the tyres of party’s Chairman Adam Walker. That would be ironic.

Having now ‘survived’ almost year without Nick Griffin running the BNP into the ground, those who took control of the party are now rounding on each other.

The target of the new schism is none other than Clive “the undertaker” Jefferson who was also the target of the aggrieved ex-employee.

It now appears that Jefferson had been a little ahead of himself when he bragged internally that he had lined up for the party some ten million pounds in future income for the party.

Last month Jefferson and others rounded on and dispensed with the financial guru brought into clear up after Griffin and deal with the anticipated problems of sacking lots of Griffinite supporters and family members. Jefferson had to act quickly because with not a lot else to do, attention had turned to his own financial dealings and low and behold, Clive has been a little dishonest about the ten million pounds he had secured for the party, and it is in fact, closer to one million pounds-and shrinking!

Jefferson had been assigned by Walker and Patrick Harrington to run a number of initiatives to keep cash rolling into the party. His first failure was to completely destroy the‘ Trafalgar Club’, the previous long term provider of undeclared cash to the Griffin family.

From there, Jefferson was behind the decision to force the removal of Pete Molloy and the tidy sums of cash he had raised for the party’s front the ‘British Veterans Group’ (BVG).

The latest issue of the party’s internal bulletin ‘British Nationalist’ declares, that despite Molly’s claims, BVG is “fighting fit.” Accompanying a ludicrous made-up story is a picture of a recently deceased member of the group…Doh! In fact, twice ‘Doh!’ He didn’t leave Clive or the party a penny.

No-one is listening to Adam

No-one is listening to Adam

Elsewhere, the BNP still pretend people are listening to them or even care what they think. Despite the party’s Chairman refusing to be interviewed by the media in case they mention that incident, according to the party email I received this week, he’s been waxing lyrical to all number of media outlets about what goes through his tiny mind. Unsurprisingly, the BNP is not actually able to link to where these media interviews can be found… The first sign of fascism and the failure it brings, is obviously talking to yourself..

NF: As thick as they come

NF: As thick as they come

Talking of failure, how are these superb offerings from the self-appointed defenders of the English language, the South East Alliance (SEA) and the National Front?

Lord have mercy...

Lord have mercy…

More worryingly perhaps, for some, is that it also appears Jim Dowson has had some kind of first round win in his ambitious court cases. More on this later.


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