They dream of genocide

Matthew Collins - 25 06 15
First published: 25 June 2015

I wrote a blog earlier about the case of Zack Davies, the confused neo-nazi who tried to murder an Asian man in a supermarket in Mold, North Wales.

People have been asking for more information about the group to which Davies was aligned- National Action and the people behind it. We covered the group in our magazine in February of this year, not long after Davies had carried out his attack. Obviously, the feature was subject to sub judice. We had held back for a long time, not wanting to jump in and sensationalise the group like others had.

The two primary people behind the gang are Ben Raymond, a self declared Jew hater, and Alex Davies, a university drop out. They are both relatively young men. They both appear to have an enormous amount of spare time on their hands. People with comfortable and well off parents, tend to.

Raymond is the self- declared intellectual behind National Action. The former double glazing salesman has actually, just swallowed a lot of long words and does not seem to entirely grasp what either they, or ideology means. His intellectual endeavours don’t really stand up to much scrutiny, but nazis never really do.

Raymond: Two bob Pol Pot

He is in fact, just attracted to violence-any kind of violence. He likes his followers to be “brutes”. His little group admire not just Adolf Hitler, but also the murderous Islamist group ISIS.

As well as Raymond and Alex Davies, there is Wayne Jarvie, who spends his time hanging around with teenagers using skater parks in Leeds. Jarvie fanaticises about killing Jews. Nice people, eh?

They even have a little army of even smaller boys who have bought into their rubish about dying for “White Jihad” that parade around with banners proclaiming that only bullets can stop them. Surely the police should do that?

Then there is Garron Helm, a rather sad individual from Liverpool who talks of giving his life ‘for the cause’ and also sends sick and twisted tweets to Jewish members of parliament.

Raymond, who also uses the name Noyles, recently went to visit some Finnish nazis. Writing of his visit to see Kai Murros, the Finish nazi leader, Chapman wrote “Kai and I were discussing the day of the rope, the one thing he always has worked out, we agreed on a Cambodian solution to the problems afflicting our nations.”

The “Cambodian solution” is a reference to Pol Pot, the man who murdered millions of his countrymen in an attempt to take Cambodia back to year zero. Pot was meant to be a Communist, but he misinterpreted Marx (partly because he could not understand it) and so just became a racist who ended up getting his Proletariat and his peasants the wrong way around and the worse things became in the country, the more deadlier and sadistic things became. Raymond either doesn’t know that, or doesn’t understand it.

He rants on and on like this almost every day on his blog. The police read it, the Home Office read it, we all know who it is in the West Midlands who are also vandalising Jewish properties, and yet nothing gets done about it.

One of Raymonds “peasants” ended up nearly killing a man in a supermarket in Wales, because the man had the wrong colour skin. The attempted murder delighted Raymond and his friends and has horrified millions of decent Britons.

And yet, still, only silly old Zack Davies is behind bars for it.


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