Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 10 07 15
Eddie Stampton (background) scratches his brains last weekend

Eddie Stampton (background) scratches his brains last weekend

Last week’s protest by Jew-haters in London was an unsurprising damp squib for most people, but it brought a little joy to those in our office who have to suffer the endless hours of video and audio the tiny number of neo-Nazis in the UK manage to create.

Little Kevin Layzell, the Jack of all nazi groups- but master of none, gave a rousing speech into his chest that even had his nazi friends bemused as to what exactly he was talking about. Still, as they do say in the Eddie Stampton’s little world, if you cannot get a girl, get a nazi.

Talking of Eddie Stampton (seen above adjusting his brains whilst taking to Mark ‘toilet soap’ Atkinson,) he really is a vicious little so and so. According to one militant antifascist who I shared a light libation with this week, Stampton was trying to feed antifascists details of an Ulster Defence Association (UDA) shindig in South London tomorrow. Stampton promised that the shining, with bands, banners and speakers would not be “protected” against a possible invasion by militants, because Stampton is no longer a “loyalist” apparently.

Portinari: Having a private party in Waterloo tomorow

Portinari: Having a private party in Waterloo tomorow

This grassing is of course a result of London UDA not backing Stampton’s Jew hating exploits in the capital and banning him from contact with the group. If I know anything about the boss of London UDA, I’m sure he’ll have his venue in Waterloo well guarded and will probably be giving Stampton another slap the next time they bump into one another in a pub around Victoria.

There is to be a leadership election in the British National Party (BNP) later this month. The party constitution, currently hidden under the bed of Patrick Harrington, demands it. Step forward Paul Hilliard, from Derby, who has no ambition (or chance) to be elected as the next leader of the tiny, tiny party. Hilliard was chosen by Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson to stand as he is one of the few people left with five years’ membership of the BNP that has not been expelled from the party. Yet.

No decent picture of Hilliard exists, apparently

No decent picture of Hilliard exists, apparently

Hilliard fell out with former party Chairman Nick Griffin, when having driven across the country at his own expense to attend an organisers’ conference at Griffin’s home in 2013, he was then charged £1 for a cup of tea!

Talking of Griffin, I hear from a source in the European Parliament that the former BNP leader is getting closer to finally selling his farm in Wales, but in the meantime, he is offering it as a holiday let to anyone who wants to visit the Welsh countryside. The house has an oversized bubble bath, a jacuzzi, access to rambling hills and of course, a large extension that was controversially paid for by the British National Party to be used as a venue for training seminars.

I do believe that the current BNP leadership are keen to see the return of the £12,000 that extension cost the party when it was built.

Mrs Griffin: Better days in the BNP Jacuzzi

Mrs Griffin: Better days in the BNP Jacuzzi

The Griffins’ will miss their family home. When they were running the BNP and raking in lots of BNP members cash, the Griffin Klan liked nothing more then getting a few bottles of champagne out of the fridge and heading to the jacuzzi and getting bladdered. Things are so bad now that Mrs Griffin may even have to go back to work to finance her husband’s trip around European fascist parties with his begging bowl.

What a terrible shame.


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