BNP leadership candidate runs in to trouble

Matthew Collins - 13 07 15
Hilliard: Wasting his time

Hilliard: Wasting his time

Paul Hilliard, the fool who is trying to be the next leader of the British National Party (BNP), has been publicly reprimanded by the party for “campaigning outside of authorised channels.”

Not that there has been gushing interviews in the mainstream media about the BNP’s leadership election. The party has barely mentioned the election through fear of whipping up what is left of pro-Nick Griffin sentiment in the party.

Hilliard’s crime appears to have been “campaigning on social media and seeking an unfair advantage against Mr Walker.”

Admonished: Not that it matters

Admonished: Not that it matters

Mr Walker is the banned teacher currently running the party in to the ground. Although Hilliard is not exactly an anti-Walker candidate, he is currently suffering a mysterious amount of attempts to log into his social media accounts by other parties. Our guess it is the party’s Head Office.

The party does not name the “returning officer” who has reprimanded Hilliard, but it is more than likely to be Clive Jefferson, who runs the party like his own sweetshop and Adam Walker like his own personal, paperboy.

Hilliard is probably a bit too dim to realise just how much the odds in the election have been stacked against him. Those family memberships the party holds as well as the “lifetime” memberships amount to some 70% of the votes that Jefferson will cast on behalf of Walker.

Jefferson: Nothing gets in his way

Jefferson: Nothing gets in his way

This is despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the lifetime members have long deserted the party.

Hilliard has only about 142 members available to canvass.

Is it any wonder that Richard Perry and Steve Squire have currently flown to one of Squire’s foreign homes to plot a Coup d’état?


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