Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 24 07 15

An interesting week for the British National Party (BNP). The current Chairman Adam Walker refused to answer any questions at the leadership hustings in London on Wednesday night and then later staged an interview with himself which will no doubt be later broadcast on BNPTV with all of the inserted enthusiasm behind him of a Nuremburg rally.

Missing from the London hustings was the puppet master himself, Clive Jefferson. We understand that Jefferson did travel down to London with Walker, but probably thought it better to give the hustings a miss in case he had to answer any embarrassing questions himself. Perhaps he was otherwise engaged having pocketed some £40,000 “on behalf” of BNP head office and not the London region who it was meant for..

This did not stop Jefferson going on the internet to spread more disinformation though. If you were unaware, Jefferson uses the name ‘BritPatriot’ when posting on internet forums. His latest lie, using the ruse of a loyal BNP member and not the kind of bottomless pit that he is, has been to claim that the “Labour 25” publication used in the video made by Dawn Charlton is a fake. Here is the video again, and the claim that the BNP have even gone as far as to knock the NSPCC for a few quid.

As you can see from below, last night’s hustings in Southend wasn’t too packed, either.

Over in the party supposed to replace the BNP, “British Voice”, there has been more trouble. You can follow their perpetual downward tragectory from the moment it was formed, by following the hyperlinks back from this article here.

One light moment from their very public self-destruction was a comment last night that people should come and see me if they have something to get off their chest. Ladies and gentlemen, please, there are so many of you already, that my dance card is almost completely full.

Sound Advice: tell Collins

Sound Advice: tell Collins

Someone who does not pass information to us (yes, we do have some morals) is Eddie Stampton. Eddie has been having a very public meltdown over the last week because finally, it appears he has hit the proverbial wall with his colleagues. It does say something about the British far-right that they put up with a man who brags about keeping his former partner prisoner, all the time beating her, kicking and biting her for days but they get very upset only when the same person ‘allegedly’ pockets £50 for merely passing a few pictures to a newspaper in Northern Ireland.

Stampton has asked an emissary to ask us to lay off him. The answer is no. Not while he is also peddling drugs to kids.

The National Front (NF) will be attempting to march in Wakefield, West Yorkshire tomorrow. The excitement (and shock) in the tiny nazi party that they were given permission to shuffle their drug addled bodies in public has slowly turned to panic with the realisation that there are just not very many of them left to make it worthwhile. Simon Biggs has finally quit the party, after beating up a fellow member’s wife was deemed naughty.

NF Chairman Kev Bryan: Is thick

NF Chairman Kev Bryan: Is thick

In quitting the party (in disgust) Biggs managed to get a crayon the right way around to write an angry message to the rest of the party. In it, he mentions he had 30 years membership of the NF. I wouldn’t worry too much folks, he didn’t really join until I signed him up after he left prison (for burgling little old ladies) in 1990 and then pissed off to the BNP in 1993.

Biggs: Took MacMahon from behind

Biggs: Took MacMahon from behind

He only actually re-joined the NF as far as I am aware, in 2013 after another short spell at Her Majesty’s and also after stealing from the Northern Patriotic Front (NPF) their entire membership list. Unsurprisingly, the NPF will not be attending the Wakefield march, Simon Biggs (and Kevin Scott,) will be addressing their monthly meeting in Newcastle instead.

What must really get Biggs’ goat is that the NF has had a bout of domestic violence break out in their own ranks in the last week, with one member deciding to kick and punch his own wife after a drunken get-together with other members. The official response from senior NF figures to one of their members giving his wife a public beating is that this sort of thing is “dissapointing”. There you have it!

Kate Watmough: Likes her coffee black

Kate Watmough: Likes her coffee black

If you are in Wakefield tomorrow, spare a thought for Kate Watmough, the wife of drug dealer and Redwatch wimp, Kevin. She has been accused of passing us information (another one?) because we kindly asked some militant types to leave her be when her husband ran off and left her in a pub in Manchester earlier this year! Since that incident, Mrs Watmough has been making all kinds of wild allegations about how she fought off fifty large men (all black, of course) with only the help of her umbrella. I guess it didn’t wash with her racial colleagues after all. Lads, Eddie Stampton, she ain’t. Ok?

And finally, here is Lee Consterdine (centre) and some of his friends. They were at Tolpuddle last weekend trying their luck to see if they could get away with living and breathing among the lefties. Yes, Lee, it appears you did. I would suggest your plan to bring another ten people and some leaflets with you next year for the Sunday festivities, is a very silly plan.

Trying their luck: Silly boys and girl

Trying their luck: Silly boys and girl


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