Dave Bolton quits the EDL

Matthew Collins - 04 08 15
Silly Dave's silly tattoo

Silly Dave’s silly tattoo

People may recall Dave Bolton, the EDL’s national organiser, who had ‘Britain’ misspelt on a tattoo on his neck.

Bolton has been at the forefront of the EDL’s mindless and tiny demonstrations for the past four years, having pushed himself to the front of the organisation as a willing punch-bag for EDL demonstrators to attack when things went wrong.

You may also recall that Bolton has been the subject of a number of stories about his behaviour while leading the group on the streets.

Earlier this year things became rather hot for him inside the EDL when a number of women came forward to complain that they had been sexually harassed by Bolton before, on and after demonstrations. Bolton’s favourite trick was to send female members a picture of his flaccid penis, before demanding they meet him in a hotel paid for by the EDL.

As the EDL’s street leader, Bolton was also entitled to look after himself very well financially, but he took the perks of the job too far and earlier this year people inside the group began to push for his resignation.

I like to think we helped him along somewhat, when we reported how he had formed an alliance with Gail Speight, the former Yorkshire organiser who was accused of stealing by members and supporters in her region.

As the split widened in the group, we actually had the displeasure of seeing Dave in all his flaccid splendour!

As the split became violent, things came to somewhat of a head in Walthamstow in May of this year, when Bolton called upon the police to remove factional rivals from the EDL’s disastrous march.

And now Bolton has quit, writing that people are being bullied inside the organisation (I’m assuming that is people who he has not sent a picture of his penis to.)

It was only last year that Bolton got himself a new tattoo and now that seems to be going to waste. Still, no longer will the EDL be forking out for hotel rooms, drugs and sex workers for Dave Bolton on the nights before a demonstration.

Where Bolton goes now is a mystery. Here he is recently on a ‘Mothers Against Sharia’ demonstration, when he was told to cover up his stupid face and racist tattoos unless anybody got the right idea about the group.

Sorry girls, he's gone..

Sorry girls, he’s gone..


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