Liverpool: The fall-out is serious

Matthew Collins - 16 08 15

The past 24 hours has seen an enormous amount of column inches, YouTube videos, memes and backslapping concerning the total disaster of neo-Nazis attempting a march in Liverpool yesterday.

Familiar names and faces who have filled reports on this blog about their vile deeds, words and actions are humiliated. We must not underestimate how hard the nazi scene in this country has fallen in just such a short time.

However, they are not defeated. Some have put their hands up and admitted defeat, but others have chosen the familiar route of conspiracy and retribution.

It was quite clear that in the run up to the march that only a total blockade of a group like National Action would work. Waving banners at them or marching off in the opposite direction was what they not only expected of antifascists, but what they demanded should happen.

National Action promised a race war, they promised the world. And yet, their leaders dropped their plans in their pants and ran at the first opportunity. No-one was murdered, no one was shot or stabbed, everyone got home safely, in the end. How throughly British it all was.

Their inexperience, coupled with their arrogant stupidity was of course, their greatest donwnfall. They are not a populist movement; they have no traction, they have no future. They are merely the authors of their own publicity, filling their website with scandalous stupidity on an almost daily basis in the hope that it gets reported to fire their egos. There is nothing about them that can be reasoned or diverted by any other course of action.

Watching them, up close, they are as pathetic as are their demands for some kind of Cambodian scenario, where a society destroys itself through hate. Their attempt to grow beards, their silly stunts, their art-project back-slapping etc, etc. They sincerely believed they were a mass movement. They claimed there would be 150 of them, less than 100 turned up.

But they had to be stopped, because it is from their stupidity that the likes of Zack Davies occur. And so, this brings us to the fall-out.

In the run up to the march, National Action’s secret plans were leaked everywhere. National Front activists in particular went out of their way to spread them. Today, the National Front are delighted with the outcome. NationakAction had to drop their plans for a dress rehearsal at one suburban train station because there were antifascists waiting for them. Every pub chosen as a secret venue was also leaked. And yet, National Action still do not understand what has happened to them.

Late yesterday afternoon, as a train load of fascists arrived in Wigan, having been sent there by the police, a large police contigent were waiting for them. They searched the fascists and made arrests and then, openly acknowledged to the gang that one of their own ha


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