Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 28 08 15
Bully Butler on his way to the chippy

Bully Butler on his way to the chippy

Above is Jeff Marsh/Joe Marsh/Sara Marsh/Joe Smith etc, etc. A man of mystery and bullshit. Just ask the idiots who went to a certain football match on his instruction and found themselves flat on their behinds while he hid indoors and gorged on a Chinese banquet for four people.

Or there is the time he called for hooligans to descend on Brighton and join him for a punch up in the name of St George, but spent that day holed up in a B&B in Worthing with two buckets of fried chicken and free porn on wifi instead.

We have written about ‘Marsh’ occasionally and it is has always been followed by a barrage of filth by him and his alter egos.

Casuals Utd, Pie & Mash etc, etc, were all little front groups run by Marsh. Except, his real name is Joe Butler and this morning Butler is back in prison. The last time he was in prison he was convicted for stabbing two young football fans who were holding him up in a queue in a fast food restaurant.

Straight to the nonces wing

Straight to the nonces wing

This time he has been sent to prison for beating up a woman he stalked for months, harassing her at work and at home- even targeting her children.

Butler has a number of racist tattoos that he will be desperately trying to hide from fellow inmates. But given he assaulted a woman, he’ll probably be on a wing full of other women beaters and of course, sex offenders. The motto Butler has used to promoted himself has been 5W ‘we go where we want.’

So, straight to jail it is Butler. Rule 43.

The police are also apparently looking into the affairs of the fascist gang (failed) British Voice. The group has been on the ropes since the day it was formed and things have got steadily worse for them. Their leader Mike Whitby was humiliated by the new leadership of the British National Party (BNP) last year when they revealed he had not paid back a loan from them. Silly fools, Whitby has positively filled YouTube with videos encouraging others not to pay their mortgages and loans back, so there was little doubt he would ever pay back the BNP!

Good question

Good question

Now it is claimed by the rest of British Voice that he has taken out some sort of loan from their party and they are not happy. Maybe the lizards, did it?

Another person having money troubles is Kevin Watmough. You may recall that Kevin ended up with egg on his face at the great nazi disaster in Liverpool a fortnight ago. Watmough makes a living selling tatty and inflated old nazi magazines on EBay and the odd nazi badge. Recently he’s been trying to sell flags to people heading to Dover next month but it appears that nobody is interested in buying his flags.

Watmough: get a job you lazy ponce

Watmough: get a job you lazy ponce

He couldn’t even sell one of his flags in Manchester last week when the National Front had a failed rally and social evening. Antifascists there have been burning a number of flags fascists have been dropping on their travels.

After being kicked out of the Embassy Club last Saturday night, the National Front had to make their way to Heywood for a ‘fun’ evening of cuddling each other and nazi saluting.

National Front Disco: Was crap, obviously

National Front Disco: Was crap, obviously

One does ask however, when Greater Manchester Police will get around to dealing with Tommy Law for shouting the disgusting things he did to a group of Jewish women who turned up to peacefully protest against the nazi scum on the day.


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