Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 09 10 15
Calvert: Intellectual heavyweight of the far-right

Calvert: Intellectual heavyweight of the far-right

After much debate and soul-searching, in this week’s round up we have decided it is best not to mention which member of a fascist group was dumped by his mix raced girlfriend-not for being part of a fascist group, but because he kept asking her dress up as a school girl. And other things..

It’s a busy weekend for the far-right coming up, too. The axis has swung firmly away from the English Defence League (EDL) and now sits somewhere between the heroin dealers and the dog fighters of the National Front (NF) and the ‘Infidels’. And the pub toilet seat.

That’ll be good news for the Infidels leader, Shane Calvert aka ‘Diddyboy,’ who has worn exactly the same outfit for the last four years.

Lots of speakers, not many brain cells

Lots of speakers, not many brain cells

The NF and Infidels’ are organising a joint rally in Preston this Saturday with a host of lowlife luminaries travelling the country to join them in the pub toilets chopping up their regular fix. Later in the afternoon there will also be a memorial to the dead and unlamented British nazi John Tyndall at the usual venue in Preston. Tyndall will be turning in his spittoon. Almost all of those who are trying to cash in on his name he hated. Except for Richard Edmonds; Tyndall pitied him for years and years.

EDL: More ignored than Royston's tears

EDL: More ignored than Royston’s tears

The EDL is heading to Aylesbury as part of some worldwide ‘EDL Day’ nonsense. Sadly for them, nobody else in the world appears to also be taking part in it, except in Australia. Given the time difference between our two countries, those drongos should be able to report another drubbing just in time for our breakfast tomorrow. The EDL is dead.

As if the very public, ongoing and agonising death of the EDL was not hard enough to watch, Sheffield’s Andy Royston has been mourning and agonising being dumped by his girlfriend all week on his social media pages. Royston who “left” his job at a Sheffield steelworks a few years ago under an apparent cloud is really struggling to cope with his girlfriend dumping him. She however, seems quite happy to see the back of him. So here it is.

Royston: Dresses and acts like a big kid

Royston: Dresses and acts like a big kid

The car-park Christians of Britain First survived the attentions of BBC3 during the week. Indeed, they really had very little to worry about. If the BBC3 journalist can go with them to a curry house named ‘Kent Curry’ in Dartford, Kent, and still think he’s in Essex, it gives you an idea how badly researched the programme was.

At times it was clichéd, but most of the time it was just poor and lacking in substance. It appears that the format for modern documentary making is to just turn up and make inane comment about things that have neither been researched or understood and to just get everything wrong but hope that nobody watching at home notices.

This might work with renovating an old shed or Andy Royston’s love life, but pretending (or believing?) for the duration of the documentary that Britain First were some brand new cutting-edge political movement and then trying to convince those at home of as much, was never going to work. Neither was the using, almost completely, of footage actually shot by Britain First themselves. The shouting of personal questions at the Biffers’ deputy leader Jayda Fransen across a crowded demonstration was poor beyond belief. The idiot had her in a church long enough to ask the question, but didn’t. No wonder her and Godless Golding told the Beeb to jog on. The only question is, did the BBC pay Britain First the continual use of their footage?


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