The sickening history of violence stalking Tamworth

Matthew Collins - 29 10 15

The launch of an anti-refugee protest by an English Defence League (EDL) organiser in Tamworth has backfired spectacularly as locals have rallied round to challenge her messages of hate.

Backing the messsage of hate, being driven by Staffordshire woman and English Defence League (EDL) organiser Jenna Louca, is none other than Daryl Rickhuss, who we have written about before and his link to a shocking and tragic, racist death.

Louca and Rickhuss: Neither peaceful nor pleasant

Louca and Rickhuss: Neither peaceful nor pleasant

Louca announced a protest after the council confirmed the borough would welcome a total of ten Syrian refugee families into a town of nearly 80,000 people.

Louca: looking for a war

Louca: looking for a war

She has also (disingenuously) claimed the protest is not an EDL one- but one she has organised simply as a local resident. Her Facebook posts suggest otherwise.

Unhelpfully the local paper in its report of the protest neglected to mention Louca’s EDL role- although it did point out that supporters of the fascist group would be attending.

Louca’s protest is due to take place next week under the banner of “Tamworth Says No To Refugees.” This is misleading on a couple of counts: Firstly it is clear that that those subscribing to the cause are largely from outside Tamworth and in the main, supporters of the EDL. Secondly, a far more positive and actually local Tamworth group, “Tamworth Says Yes To Refugees” has attracted widespread support in the town.

The differences between the attitudes and morality of the two groups is also markedly different. Louca and her supporters clearly relish the thought of street confrontations, a return to the “good old days” with the EDL activist “prepared for war.”

HOPE not Hate also understands that locals have reported to the police a variety of abuse and threats that have been made by EDL supporters.

Among those seemingly relishing the prospect of violence are Mark Larden (Sheffield EDL), Ian Crossland (Sheffield EDL), Tony Foster (Derby EDL), Liam Jones (Walsall EDL), Paul Locke (Walsall EDL), Spencer Shirley (Solihull EDL) and Chris Walters (Shrewsbury EDL), hardly a local group of concerned citizens, but more or less just a gang of racist thugs with nothing better to do with themselves than spread racism, hatred and misery.

The positive response

The positive response


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