BNP further strangled

Matthew Collins - 03 11 15
Jefferson & Walker: Choking the nazi breath out of the party

Jefferson & Walker: Choking the nazi breath out of the party

The British National Party (BNP) has announced Clive Jefferson as its deputy leader. The announcement comes in the same week that the party published its accounts. They were passed by an independent auditor, making Clive Jefferson the most brilliant Treasurer in the history of the BNP, ever!

Giving this back street massage the real happy ending is the news that the £324,000 the party received in “donations” last year is the “cleanest” money in politics. Well, if hounding ageing racists on their death beds and then staging fake funerals in their wake is clean, one can only ask how they would explain the increase in management costs at a time when the party is rudderless in almost every sense.

Clive's got it all now.

Clive’s got it all now.

Staffing costs are down, but the management costs are up in the Clive & Adam show. Maybe it is an increase in office rent, but I’m pretty sure that Clive is supposed to pay that to himself so that would be wrong. He can’t even pay the gas bill on time..

The party has written very excitedly about Clive’s brilliance:

Own the party, play the party etc, etc

Own the party, play the party etc, etc

Adam Walker said: “Clive has come through for us again. It was a difficult year in many ways with Clive facing major surgery (from which he is now recovered) and the loss of our long-term Auditor, Silver and Co., who gave up this type of work for all clients. Clive and his team found and engaged new auditors who have given a 100 per cent audit pass – achieved for his fourth consecutive year. I am proud to announce that in recognition of his outstanding service to our Party and Cause I have appointed Clive to be my Deputy Chairman – a role he will fulfil alongside his longstanding job as Treasurer. To allow Clive time to be an effective Deputy Chairman he has stepped down from the role of National Nominating Officer – a function he carried out flawlessly for seven years. ”

Yes, Clive nominated the fewest BNP candidates than any other nominating officer in the party’s history. As for the party having changed auditors, I was under the impression it may have something to do with the party employing and then dispensing with the services of Frank Hogarth, formerly of Silver & co.

Membership is said to be just under 3,000-talk about a massage with extras! Nearly 700 of those are life members persuaded by Jim Dowson back in 2010 that the BNP would be in power by now. Just like in the old German Nazi Party, it was a good idea at the time to get in early for future reference.

I wonder how many of those 700 received a ballot paper in the party’s recently staged leadership election?

Still, the main thing is that Clive and Adam are getting paid and they can continue carrying out their important pastimes’ in the toilets at the party conference later this month.

It’s debatable whether Simon Darby will be there. No-one has heard from him in weeks-perhaps the former deputy leader has stumbled in the bargain aisle of some supermarket somewhere. Or maybe his missus has caught him at it again- or maybe, he has given up like the rest of the BNP.

Darby: Clean up in aisle 4

Darby: Clean up in aisle 4


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