Barnsley’s bad apples and the spitting foreigner..

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Dale Kelk

Dale Kelk

South Yorkshire suffers more than its fair share of idiots what with Gail Speight’s serially idiotic Yorkshire English Defence League (EDL) frequently found staggering the streets with cans of lager and undergarments aloft and being all shouty.

Come December 7th it will be the turn of tiny EDL splinter group the ‘South Yorkshire Casuals’, the brainchild of one Dale Kelk, a chap who pines for the heady days of 80s football hooliganism. Being a tender 33 he’s too young to remember those torrid terrace times and so no doubt bases his reminisces, such as they are, YouTube videos and kiss and tell hooligan accounts- no doubt kept under his bed with a box of Kleenex.

Kelk, along with co-conspirator Bella Smith, has organised an anti-immigration demo for Barnsley next month. Being not the brightest, Kelk’s demo is not in fact against immigration, but refugees or, as he puts it the “horde of Syrian refugees” who are apparently set to descend on the South Yorkshire town in the future.

Kelk knows of this inevitability based upon one fact: That Barnsley’s asylum seeker support service is to re-open. As for “hordes”, it seems no figure has been given for the number of those fleeing civil that may or may not be housed in Barnsley, but in neighbouring Sheffield it’s been set at just 10-15 families.

Facts are of course irrelevant so Kelk is organising a demonstration, hoping that it will spark violence. He advises that “this time it’s going to kick off, f*** this it’s going back to the football way of life” and that he’s up for war. It’ll be just like it says it was in the books he buys on the cheap when they’re only a quid on Amazon.

Surprisingly, Kelk isn’t just a plank; he’s a registered pipe fitter for his company DCK Pipe Fitting Solutions, registered in Rayleigh.

South Yorkshire Police are familiar with Kelk’s ranting and raving. He organised a similarly ill-informed hate fest earlier this year in protest against the sexual assault of a girl, allegedly by a bloke with a “foreign accent and brown skin.” South Yorkshire Police confirmed no such attack took place. The small gathering that took place nonetheless attracted the usual suspects, such as the North West Infidels’ John English who in his previous EDL life pleaded guilty to his involvement in the infamous Brierfield disorder.

So embarrassing is Kelk that even football hooligans have banned him from their Facebook page after he attempted to promote his tawdry gang.

Kelk’s co-conspirator, Bella Smith, is best known for her once staunch support of Peterborough EDL jailbird Mark Hogg. That support evaporated when he was subject of some rather unsavoury allegations that started in far right circles. We couldn’t comment upon their veracity. But he is banned from his local library.

Bella Smith

Bella Smith

Bella’s doing her bit to stoke the local fire by spreading a suitably dubious looking story, one of two that have been plugged on the demonstration’s Facebook page. We’re always amused as to how it’s only known racists or their friends who witness the fantastical crimes of others, but never their own. And also, despite being hardened racists, born into a world of hatred and stereotype, people like Bella’s sister cannot tell the difference between a supposed Romanian or a supposed Pakistani.


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