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Matthew Collins - 11 11 15
Kev Bryan has staggered away

Kev Bryan has staggered away

Sad news today as the greatest leader of a far right party since Adam Walker has stepped down. Yes Kev Bryan has walked, or staggered away, from the National Front’s top table.

The big lad has cited health reason for his departure following an altercation he had with a Lancashire bus. However, given he’s still staying on the party’s national executive you might be forgiven for raising an eyebrow in a querulous fashion. After all his tenure has hardly been an unqualified success, even by the far right’s low, low standards.

The NF’s election campaign was marked by typical farce as Kev missed the post leading to frantic last minute efforts to put the hate in the Mail. After internal recriminations the post-election period was no less eventful with things turning nasty at a North West Infidels rally as Nazi burglar Simon Biggs lashed out at marital nightmares, Kev and Debs McMahon.

Talking of the McMahon’s now may be the time, it seems, for the Heywood duo to launch their own leadership bid. Kev clearly has an eye on replacing on capacious arse on the big seat with another, whilst Debs is no doubt relishing catering to the leadership table, having, after all offered to feed fellow Nazis through the local foodbank. Dave McDonald, formerly Deputy Chairman and Scottish Regional Organiser has stepped into the breach but don’t expect his elevation – unelected and without consultation – to last. From where else candidates might emerge we don’t know but the eternal mid-Lothian question will undoubtedly rear its head. The NF might be a nationalist unionist party but the power, such that it is, lies in England. The north of England to be more precise.

Whoever ends up picking up the leadership cudgels, their task is unenviable. Thanks to the efforts successive triumphant leaders, membership is now in the low hundreds. We’ll watch proceedings with amused interest. Anyone brought popcorn?


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